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Manhood Pain and Urination: What Could It Be?


John Dugan

For most lucky souls, urination is more of a relief than anything else. But for some, manhood pain might pop up while urinating and that can easily ruin a guys day. Besides making him quite hesitant to heed the call of nature, a man might even start doing other things to avoid the pain, such as drinking less water, which can be tough on the body. Its important to figure out where the manhood pain is coming from in order to ensure the best possible member care and overall health and of course, to make that awful pain go away!

Where is the manhood pain coming from?


Sometimes manhood pain can be quite diffuse, meaning that it occurs all over the member and the surrounding area. Other times it can be quite sharp and targeted, such as coming from the tip of the male organ during urination. Here are a few of the most common reasons men might suffer from pain during urination.

1.Urinary tract infections. These infections of the urinary tract can cause pain anywhere in the member, but it might be especially severe right at the tip. These are very common infections that occur when bacteria somehow makes its way up the urethra. One of the most common signs of a urinary tract infection is the constant urge to urinate, even if only a few drops come out each time and even those few drops can cause a painful burning sensation. Antibiotics can take care of this within a matter of days.

2.Kidney stones. The pain of kidney stones often begins in the lower back, but it might suddenly present anywhere along the member and midsection. Kidney stones are especially painful when passing through the member and out the urethra; some of them are too big to pass, and that means they wind up blocking urine. Thats an emergency situation. The pain of kidney stones is usually enough to send a man to the doctor rather quickly. The good news is that a variety of treatment options are available.

3.Socially shared diseases. Some socially shared diseases cause serious manhood pain, including pain upon urination. The worst culprits are chlamydia, gonorrhea and herpes. Though there are often other signs, such as redness, bumps and discharge, in some cases its simply manhood pain that wont go away and either appears during urination or gets worse as a man tries to pass urine. The only way to know for sure what is going on is to visit a doctor and get tested.

4.Prostate issues. A man who suffers from prostate issues, especially an enlarged prostate, might also suffer from urination problems. The pain is usually diffuse, throughout the entire urinary tract, and can often lead to slow urination that makes the problem even worse. The good news is that there are many options for men with prostate problems, and most of them will result in a good outcome that ends the manhood pain and gets a guy back to a normal life.

A man can take steps to keep his member as healthy as possible, whether he has manhood pain during urination or not. One of those steps is using a high-quality male organ health crme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) on a daily basis. A man should look for alpha lipoic acid, which helps fight against free radicals, as well as vitamin A, which is known for fighting infections. Shea butter and vitamin E can also help ease the member that has suffered pain or medical issues by keeping the skin smooth, supple and well-moisturized.

Visit for additional information on most common male organ health issues, tips on improving member sensitivity and what to do to maintain a healthy manhood. John Dugan is a professional writer who specializes in men’s health issues and is an ongoing contributing writer to numerous websites.

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Submitted by: Ron Taggy

There is no doubt that strength training is a great way to build muscle mass and reduce fat. Strength training also allows you a variety of different options so you can create a program that is enjoyable as well as builds your strength. However, many people get burned out with strength training because they approach it wrong. Even if they gain improvements in their strength, they feel miserable doing it. In this article, I will give you some tips to make the process as enjoyable as possible as well as make it effective.

First, start out slow. Pace yourself and don t try to do everything at once. Your idea is to gradually build up your strength, not do it overnight. While there are some ways that you can develop strength quickly, they often come at the expense of other things, like your health or increasing your chance of suffering from an injury. Besides, what is the difference if it takes you two months or two years to become extremely strong? In either case, you reach your goal.

It is much better to start slowly, because then you’ll want to continue your workout over the long haul. This is because you will enjoy improvements steadily, and your muscles will not feel sore. If you maximize your workout at the beginning, your muscles will feel tender and you’ll associate pain with working out. Not a great motivator.


Second, choose exercises that you enjoy. Pull ups are an excellent way to increase your strength, but some people just despise doing them. Don’t do exercises just because it helps you with strength training, if it makes you feel miserable. Either find a way to learn how to enjoy it, or choose another exercise that offers the same benefits but is not so tedious or stressful on you.

Third, do not neglect your diet as a vital portion of your strength training. Your diet can affect how much energy and endurance you have when training, as well as how easy it becomes for you to train for strength. Without any protein, it does not matter what type of exercises you do, because your body will not be able to build muscle.

At the same time, an overload on protein is not desirable either. In this case, you are getting stronger but you’re putting your health at risk for the sake of fitness. Any type of fitness, whether strength training or not, should never come at the sacrifice of your health. Strength training should only be undertaken to make your body stronger so you can enjoy healthy levels of self-confidence, interact easier with the environment around you and help protect your vital organs.

Finally, it is important to do aerobic activities and exercises even if you’re training solely for strength. By building up your aerobic capacities you will find that you have more energy when doing strength training exercises, and you will have the ability to recover quicker. And the quicker you recover, the more you can build upon your strength.

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5 tips for health and fitness


Kasper ChristensenWalking toward health and physical fitness is not really the hard troublesome job that anybody appears to believe it is. Once you really think about it, the difficult component is usually the start. Later on, everything else are going to be less difficult after you truly grab the hang of it. All it requires self-discipline and dedication. Underneath are 5 easy health and fitness on how to get in shape fast and get a head start on your road to superior health and fitness. Read every one and you’ll realise that it is usually simpler to undertake. You just need to take the initial few simple steps.Health and fitness tips #1: Begin small. If your favourite food is a thing you have to avoid, there’s no sense in omitting it permanently followed by food binge on the food at the time you can’t take the abstinence anymore. Take small steps to the goal. When you eat the food on a daily basis, make an effort to decrease your intake and make it just three times each week. For those who have handled that, decrease further more and make it once every seven days. Doing this, you’ll be able to still take pleasure in the foods and not boost your longing for it.Health and fitness tips #2: Plan reasonably.Set goals for yourself. However it does not suggest that you should kill yourself to have it so when you don’t you’ll also kill yourself. Establishing way too high goals will often simply produce failure and irritation. When you plan, make certain you can do it. How does one know? Always be realistic and keep a workout journal. You already know what you are able to. It is advisable to set goals for your self that you know that you can do. Attaining these provide you with a feeling of achievements that could make you more comfortable and more happy to proceed with your process.Health and fitness tips #3: Have a friend. Sharing the aches and pains together with the joys of achievements with a good friend might help make the program less difficult and more tolerable. In fact, people who have a good friend when doing a self-improvement task are able to better follow their plans than those that are carrying out the tasks alone. The reason being when you have a buddy with you, he or she provides a help system that will assist keep you on track and prevent you from quitting. Besides having a buddy with you encountering the identical issues helps to make the process more pleasurable plus more enjoyable.Health and fitness tips #4: Have self-discipline.This is one of the few things which can make or shatter your plans to eventually live a healthful life-style. In an effort to seriously adhere to the plan, it is advisable to develop self-discipline especially when it relates to stuff that you want to undertake or stuff that you’re accustomed to carrying out. Temptations along the way will be many and you should be willing to encounter all that to get a toned body!Health and fitness tips #5: Get it done for your self.Many men and women start to live a life of health and fitness when they are trying to get a new guy to notice them or when they desire to impress an admirer. Although they are good reasons, occasionally, it isn’t adequate to see you through the entire process. It is far better you do it for your self as you want a far healthier and far better you compared to do it for other people’s acceptance. After all, the only real acceptance that you’ll ever should get is your own.About the Author:Kasper V. Christensen, Owner of

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