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Submitted by: Nelli Tascheva

The transference of an EU-registered companys main office to another EU member state, respectively Bulgaria, is possible under the following conditions:

– The company has been registered in accordance with the provisions of Council Regulation (EC) No 2157/2001 of 8th October 2001 on the Statute for a European Company (SE);

– Pursuant to Art. 8 of this Regulation, the registered office of the SE in accordance with its act of formation can be transferred to another Member State;

– The Bulgarian legislation, in conformity with the European law , allows the transference of the registered office of an EU-seated company to Bulgaria on the following conditions and upon submission of the respective documents as listed in Regulation ? 1 on the management, supervision and access to the Commercial Register.

In the event of transference of a European companys registered office from another member state to Bulgaria in accordance with Art. 8 of Council Regulation (EC) No 2157/2001 the application for registration with the Commercial Register must be submitted along with the following documents :

1. A Document proving the existence of the European company and certifying its actual legal standing, issued by the competent organ from its past place of business.

2. The Proposal of the Executive Body for transference of the registered office.

3. A Report by the Executive Body concerning the transference of the registered office.

4. A Resolution of the General Meeting of Shareholders concerning the transference of the registered office.

5.A Certificate pursuant to Art.8, para.8 of Council Regulation (EC) No 2157/2001.

6. A Statute for a European company (SE)

7. A Specimen of the signatures of the persons authorized to represent the company in accordance with Art. 235, para.3 of the Commerce Act.

8. A License or Permit for conducting a specific business activity in accordance with the effective Bulgarian law.

9. Other documents required by the Bulgarian law.

-Please note, that the Bulgarian legislation provides an opportunity for transference of the registered office only of a European company (SE) and of a European Cooperative Company, whose legal form is settled in Council Regulation (EC) ? 1435/2003. Regarding all other cases, there remains the possibility of setting up of a subsidiary of a foreign business entity in Bulgaria, succession by way of a merger, as well as establishing a new company with a registered address in Bulgaria pursuant the Bulgarian legislation.

Tascheva and Partner is a leading multi-disciplinary law partnership and a tax consultancy practice providing expertise in all areas of civil and commercial law to a client base of leading domestic and international companies and private individuals. Additionally the firm offers dispute resolution services and, if required, litigation before the Bulgarian courts. The firm was established in 1990 by attorneys Nelli Tascheva and Svetoslav Dimitrov to serve the needs of foreign and domestic investors and private individuals seeking an exceptionally high level of personal attention and client service.

In 2004, the firm created a specialized tax advice and accountancy department to compliment the firms core legal practice. Tascheva & Partner now offers a comprehensive service to its clients assisting on all legal and tax requirements as well as the economic and financial aspects of their business.

About the Author: Nelli Tascheva is a Managing Partner of Tascheva and Partner (

). Her role is wide-ranging and in addition to her client work, she has particular responsibility for the partnership’s reputation and values.Nelli’s clients


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May, 2017 byadmin

Every April many people dread the tax deadline day. Some people may ignore their taxes and hope they go away. This will lead to penalties and fines. Other people work on their taxes, but also develop more gray hairs as they struggle through the complex tax codes. Feelings of dread and gloom do not have to be a part of every April. Hiring a CPA to take care of taxes will relieve you of the tax preparation burden and bring confidence that your taxes are done right. Additional benefits of hiring a professional include getting expert tax advise, saving money, and saving time.

A CPA is an expert in the tax codes. This professional will know how to get most out of each situation. A CPA will also be able to provide advise on how to save more money on taxes in the future. This advise may include how much to contribute to a health savings account, how to claim expenses such as child care, and how to qualify for other deductions.

Investing in Income Tax preparation in New York City will save you money in the long run. A CPA will make sure you are getting all of the deductions that you are entitled to in the tax code. The advice you receive can also save you money in years to come. Although circumstances and situations vary, you may be able to save thousands of dollars by hiring a tax professional.

If you have a single job, have no dependents, and do not have any deductions you probably do not need to hire a tax professional. The 1040EZ is fast and simple to complete. Dependents, deductions, multiple income sources, an investment income, or self-employment all add complexity to a tax return. Complex taxes take time to work through and file. An experienced professional will be able to complete the task efficiently, saving you time.

A tax professional can relieve you from the burden of tax paperwork and hours of searching through tax codes. Also, a CPA will save you money by maximizing your tax benefits and time by completing the tax paperwork efficiently. For more information on Income Tax preparation in New York City visit

byAlma Abell

It makes sense to start saving for your retirement early so you are prepared for the future. However, many people do not give much thought to 401k plans in Colusa and they think it is too soon to start saving. A 401k is a special tax-exempt savings that gets funded from your paycheck. Congress created this program back in the 1980’s so retired people can have a safety net. The amount you deduct can be worked out between you and you employer.

There are three types of contributions. One is the matching contribution. This means your employer will match the amount or a percentage of the funds you k. Retirement funds are protected by laws in case you face bankruptcy. This means creditors can not take control if you file bankruptcy.

401k in Colusa is funding you can invest any way you want whether stocks, bonds, or mutual funds. You should carefully consider all of your options. You can talk about them with a financial advisor if you prefer. It is never too early to start saving for retirement. Browse around here.


An accident can be overwhelming to the point that you feel completely helpless, and you may be depending upon your injuries. This is the time to retain an attorney with experience in accident cases. You should not talk to anyone about the accident or your injuries. Just refer them to your attorney. Anything you say however innocent you may think it to be, can be twisted around by an insurance company investigator and used against you.

Your attorney will talk to witnesses and the EMS crew, if one was called, to obtain information about what caused the accident and your injuries which were noticeable immediately. If you were taken to a hospital, he will follow your treatment and your progress.

The Accident Lawyer In Spotsylvania County will have an investigator look into the background of the other driver for indications of prior accidents and reckless driving as well as DUIs. He will look into the accident history of a company if one was involved, to determine if the company is conducting their operations in a way that creates accidents.

All of the witness statements, the police report and the investigator’s findings will be reviewed to form a complete picture of the accident. He will then assemble all of your medical records to present a record of your injuries and your potential for a complete recovery. He may ask a medical specialist in your field to study your medical records and be prepared to testify either in a deposition or at a trial. You may be asked to give a deposition also, but this would be a series of questions asked by the attorney representing the other side. Of course, the Accident Lawyer In Spotsylvania County will be there with you.

Depositions are very useful because they reveal facts and impressions that could lead to settling the case without a trial. However, if the case is not settled then the depositions will be useful. They are part of an important process called Discovery which allows your attorney to subpoena documents and people who may have knowledge of your accident.

Your attorney will now propose a settlement which can be rejected outright, or the other side may counter. If an agreement cannot be reached, then the case will proceed to trial and you will be represented by an experienced trial attorney. Get more information on

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