By Stefan Hyross

When it comes time to determine an accurate price for your house, you have to set aside emotional binds and begin in the tedious steps of looking at the house as a marketable property. To be able to estimate what your home is valued at on the open market, try these tried-and-true methods for establishing the lowest selling price in your area. Real estate agents, leasing agents and your neighbors are excellent places for advice to raise your prospects for understanding how properties in your neighborhood are listed and packaged to entice the buyer attention.

Referred to as a CMA, this report is available from Realtors and lists the prices of comparable properties currently on the market or that have been recently sold ranked by neighborhood. agents are the leading source for this examination since they have to take real estate training courses that specifically deal with assessing homes. You can use this to work out the average value per square foot in your area which assists you to determine your homes basic value. Be certain to concentrate on homes within your neighborhood and no more than 1/2 mile radius, unless it is a rural home. Study the listings to see for any expired or withdrawn listings and determine if they had to have a price reduction to go back up for sale to establish if you are dealing with a “hot” or “cold” market.

After you have a basic idea of your property’s value, invite some professional appraisers and real estate professionals to tour your home and give you their estimate of its possible selling price on the current market. Since you have studied the CMA, you can draw good comparisons between the CMA averages and their estimates to establish your range. Make sure to ask their advice on the present housing market, mortgage rates, and popular buying months to ensure you have picked the correct time to sell your home. Listen to any advice about things you could do to make your property more attractive to buyers by doing some minor improvements. Your home may be a piece of Barrie real estate in which case it would be beneficial to advertise its proximity to Lake Simcoe.


No doubt real estate agents have a hard time predicting the housing market, but even amateurs can determine if prices are falling — which points to a cooling trend and signifies you might need to consider up to a 3% discount if you need to sell soon. If you see any indicators that the market is about to adjust, consider the wisdom of holding back as opposed to of asking too little in a rising market. Naturally, you run the chance of having prices decline even further using this strategy. However, if it is a hot market, you might need to give further encouragement to contend with with a large inventory of available houses. You should make your Brampton house for sale become more enticing when compared to similar properties in the neighborhood for it to sell quickly.

Regardless of the memories a house may hold, and even with of all the special touches you have added, you need to take an unbiased look at your property and ask yourself how it might look to a potential purchasers. Think about whether you able to find any flaws that might be used as negotiating chips by a keen buyer. If you have strong selling aspects like a breathtaking view or quiet area, make sure and emphasize this in your promotional material and utilize these worthwhile features as a bargaining tool yourself.

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