By Sherrie Chastain

One sunny afternoon last summer John could feel the warm rays of the sun as he pulled into the gas station in his shiny new black corvette convertible. He remembered handing the salesman a check for his entire savings and the salesman giving him the owners manual with all the required specs so the car could achieve the highest level of performance. He pulled up close to the air and water station. After he opened the locking gas cap he began to fill the tank with the water hose, he decided the 50 cents for the water was better than the $4.oo a gallon for gas.”

Seems rather absurd, doesn’t it?

That is why it is so very hard for me to understand why there is even a controversy over health and fast food consumption having negative effects. If you look at your bodies requirements for the highest quality of life you can achieve and you understand that everything you consume is where all of these required elements come from, then it is very easy to understand if you want optimum health, then and only then, will you fully understand the real reasons fast food consumption has such negative effects upon your body.

Your health is a direct reflection of the daily choices you make about your diet, nutrition and fitness. Many people are now turning to holistic healing, natural remedies and alternative medicine to help them achieve their optimum level of health. These practices rely heavily on functional medicine, where the underlying cause is diagnosed and treated instead of the symptoms.


Because it is easier and much more effective to prevent than to cure for optimum health, you must examine your diet and make sure you are getting the proper nutrition along with a consistent fitness program.

The water you drink is the most important element to achieve optimum health. It should be as pure as possible and structured. Your body is over 75% water and your brain is approximately 80% water. The mid afternoon lull that most people feel is dehydration. You should drink water instead of sugar or caffeinated drinks, which only provide a temporary ‘pick me up.

With the amount of toxins in food, water and air today you must choose organic food as often as you can. Almost 80% of toxins come from meat and dairy, so if you must consume these always choose organic. Vegetables and fruits should be peeled if they are not organic or washed with a tsp. of vinegar in a gallon of purified water. Some vegetables and fruits like cucumbers and melons pull the toxins in, so your best choice is organic.

Until recently your choices for good health and fast food consumption were mostly negative. Even though many fast food restaurants now carry salads and healthier food choices, there is still a huge health risk and fast food consumption in a very negative way, because normally only one item that is ordered is healthy to accompany other very unhealthy over processed choices. Many times the salads are loaded with extra ingredients like cheese, croutons and salad dressings that have lots of calories and are highly processed.

The key to optimum health is a diet and nutrition program consisting mainly of organic vegetables with some fruits eaten as unprocessed and raw as possible, along with a fitness plan that is steady and consistent, like walking.

To enjoy good health your diet, nutrition and fitness program must be of number one concern to you.

Do you want to join the two thirds of America that is overweight and on the road to overall illness and early death? You have the power to change your future, because the choices you make today for your health on your diet, nutrition and fitness will greatly impact your future health. When food becomes nothing more to you than nutrition, these choices will be easy.

In the words of the Rockefeller Institute of Medical Research

“If the doctors of today do not become the nutritionists of tomorrow, then the nutritionists of today will become the doctors of tomorrow.”

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