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Microwave ovens have transformed the kitchen and the cooking techniques for all. The main important element of the microwave is the magnetron which functionally helps to form the microwaves. Electronic circuits are used to provide the control for the magnetron, the tool for controlling the cooking time and the door interlock for preventing the door from being opened while cooking is in process. They have a quantity of significant advantages. Water, fats and sugars readily immerse up in the microwaves and get heated up swiftly. As it is proved that nearly all the food substances contain water, it is very simple to use a microwave oven to re-heat or warm the food. As cooking regularly destroys a amount of the nutrients in the food, the little cooking times in the microwave suggest that the food is more nutritious as compared to food cooked by other means.

As I have an L.G. microwave oven I would like to share its advantages. L.G. microwave ovens are world class products available today within everybodys reach. Its down to earth prices are affordable by all. It takes care of every cooking requirement in my kitchen with advanced features of international technology. It is featured with electronic controls, safety child lock, digital timer, multiple power levels and most important the express cooking.


Health has always been the top priority list of the L.G. microwave ovens. One of the latest innovations are meant to increase the comfort is the 360 degrees indication technology in the germ free microwave oven. This radical feature combines and distributes heavy duty heat rays inside the oven causing thermal demolition of germs. Along with the digital waves, the advanced technology gives the food cooked inside a consistency in color, feel and texture, no matter how many ever times I heat it.

The capacity of L.G. MS-304 is relatively excellent and just enough for my cooking the daily meals. There is different setting to cook the different cuisines which makes it more efficient. There is an inbuilt kitchen timer and power level controller and some power levels. Most of my recipes are processed ready to heat and serve. The cooking recommends a particular power level.

I make everything in my microwave oven from pastas to roast chicken and it saves lots of time and energy. I would literally sweat during the scorching summer while cooking a simple meal in it as it would take up lots of time because my old microwave had got damaged. But now in my conventional L.G. microwave oven it does not happen so. Now all I have to do is to place the food to be cooked in the oven. I just have to stir it once and thats it. Moreover the food turns out very delicious as it is cooked in its own water. The real advantage of this oven for me is earlier I had to take the quantity of food I need to use out of the refrigerator and heat it in the non stick pan which was a bit time consuming and it needed constant attention. But now, I just put the food in the oven and it gets heated within minutes. I use it for all purposes. Be it to melt the butter for the bread or re heat the coffee. It is very convenient for me to use always.

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