London parking woes


Arthor Greenwald

The number of parking tickets and parking fines produced in the UK are mostly concentrated in central London and the most parking problems encountered by the general public and corporate companies will take place in London.

Most people who choose a car to travel to central London for work will hit terrible problems regularly when travelling during rush hour and if you haven t already secured car parking in London the chance of you finding an inexpensive and convenient space is almost a million to one.

Trying to location London parking spaces every day, particularly during heavy commuter traffic is a stressful and exhausting process which will drain your energy before you even start your working day.


Often when a London parking space is found on the same day you are travelling it is going to be miles from where you actually need to be and it is likely to be an expensive publically owned car park or could even mean a more expensive, irritating parking fine.

As many London parking companies have squeezed as much space out of their land as possible; it is normal to see parking spaces in London that are the smallest and tightest spaces ever seen. London has been voted as the worst city for car parking over every other city in the UK.

Finding long term parking in London seems, for most firms and individuals, the thing that dreams are made of however, life as a commuter to our capital city is possible.

With CCTV cameras and patrolling security guards parking in London with us at 24/7 Parking, we are able to provide inexpensive, pre-booked long term London parking exactly where you need it and at the prices that you can afford. Whether you need sheltered parking spaces in London or other parking options we can help.

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