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Devarayan PIn General, Doctor cleans virus from our body. But, for our clothes? Laundry man, A Garment Doctor only can do it.Once upon a time laundry men’s were used some donkeys to promote & logistics their business. But, now all these things changed.Now, they become smarter as trend migrations. Now, they are giving laundry services websites & mobile applications to get appointment from customers to provide faster services. Yes, they technology very well to avoid wardrobe misshape. Here, we can see how a laundry firm uses technology to grow business.

Search Engines :

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Search engines are simply used to give very close result to us, if require something from it using phrase. Now a days, the search engines are very cleverly giving results after read our mind not only phrase or search query. Let see how search engines helpful for laundry business.Few years before, people used yellow pages to find their nearby laundry services. But, now everyone searches on search engines like Google and yahoo as Laundry Services near me or Dry Cleaning Service. As a result, their nearby or most reach ranked will be shown as top result. To overcome competition many laundry services smartly invests to get make their own website to bring top in search engines. Yes, it’s working well. Just search the term and find garment doctors near you!!

Social Media :

Few years ago, Social media websites were used to have fun on friends circle. But, today it is widely used to bring more customers through local pages and various shopping modules. Even better, a customer can come for conclusion about the vendors services using others review. Now, we will see in laundry business, how it is working.To dry clean your wardrobe, they pressing on social media too. They create their profile on social media sites, targeting all ethnic wear interested audience and promote their excellent content in unique way. Even, they provide some discount for social media audience. You cannot just scroll as a normal content. Pretty much it will make you attend on it. Just follow your nearby Social laundry services to get updated their discounts and campaigns.

Applications :

Also, they must be known where their potential customers. Yes, absolutely they launched their apps on Play store and ITunes to target highly Techy customers. If search laundry or dry cleaning in applications stores, you can definitely see as thousands of vendor’s applications with many number of downloads.

The Steps they took to make their laundry smarter are

1) Create a informative and creative website and Mobile applications.2) Check more times whether it is unique or not3) Create social profiles in various social media pages.4) Update catchy content/ events about your laundry regularly.5) Advertise to your targeted audience until you get successful count of customers.

Thus, I conclude the audience that they already came to you. You find them to bath your clothes and make it out of stains.

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