By Heathertf Eaton

If you have just begun a relationship with a woman and you find yourself now searching the Internet to see if she has borderline personality disorder this may be your first red flag that your relationship is in some sort of trouble. The good news is you are hopefully catching things early and can position yourself better to deal with the fact that she may have borderline personality disorder. Many men get wrapped up in almost trapped into relationships with women with borderline personality disorder because of their unique ability to make you feel sorry for them and for them to place blame on others for why their life is the way it is. Here are some common things that may be red flags for borderline personality disorder or narcissism and the woman you have begun dating.

1. Does she immediately open up to you about abuse in her past?

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2. Does she trash her ex-boyfriend or ex-husband even before you hardly get to know her. Does she seem to go on and on about her ex and how he ruined her life? 3. Does she have an unstable relationship with her parents? 4. Does she say bad things about her parents to you? 5. Does she seem very quick to fall in love with you and almost view you as her knight in shining armor? 6. Was she quick to have sex with you? 7. Does she have a difficult time being friends with other women? 8. Does she currently only have one friend that seems to keep coming back in and out of her life or does she have no friends at all? 9. Does it seem like a lot of bad things keep happening to her? Thrown out by her boyfriend, trouble with finances, trouble keeping a job etc 10. Does she seem to have very compelling stories and reasoning that explains why the bad things have happened to her (example, her ex-boyfriend made her run up her credit card debts and that’s why her credit is bad) 11. Does she seem to want to move the relationship forward at a very quick pace? 12. She shown an interest in moving in with you? 13. Does she have screaming fits in front of you? 14. Does she start horrible yelling fights with you and when you try to leave she begs for you to stay? 15. But the she bought you extravagant gifts? 16. Is she willing to explore risky sexual behaviors? 17. Does she abuse drugs or alcohol?

If you’ve answered yes to more than a few of these questions the woman you’re dating may have borderline personality disorder. Regardless of whether she has BPD or not this is probably not a woman you want to have a long-term relationship with. Don’t get caught up in the whole “she needs me I can fix her” game, trust me, her ex-boyfriend thought the same thing. Good luck with your relationship, and remember the first thing I’m mentioned in this article if you are looking things up about your girlfriend online thinking she may have a mental illness that’s probably not a good sign.

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