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Which is Less costly to Use? Kaboom Scrub Free or Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Gel?



We’ve heard this question asked a number of times so we thought we’d take a search at the expense break down of the Kaboom Scrub Free Toilet Cleaning Technique versus the Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleansing Gel and decide which is far more expense effective to use. Because, no one wishes to flush cash down the toilet!

In purchase to start our comparison we need to lay out some basic assumptions. Initial, let’s state that both products are steady toilet cleansing systems that clean the toilet with each flush rather equally. 2nd, to preserve it easy, we will only presume a single toilet to decide the complete cost of ownership. Lastly, we will also presume the base technique is already purchased. Consequently, this evaluation will only appear at the refill price of each programs. To generate the cost comparison, we very first want to fully grasp anticipated lifestyle. In accordance to the Kaboom Scrub Free manufactures’ internet site, it states “When it’s time for a refill there’s no want to invest in a new method, basically drop in one particular of the refill tablets and get 3 a lot more months of a glowing clear toilet!” As a result a Kaboom Scrub Free refill lasts for 90 days or for a total of 180 days because there are two refills in a pack. In accordance to the Scrubbing Bubbles manufactures’ site, it states “The gel disc gradually dissolves with each flush, making it possible for a controlled release of clear and refreshing fragrance. Every single disc lasts up to one particular week and leaves no residue behind.” For that reason a Scrubbing Bubbles refill last 7 days, or for a total 42 days given that there are six refills in a pack. Subsequent we will need to fully grasp how a lot every single merchandise costs. At the printing of this article we identified the subsequent very best charges here: * Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleansing Gel for $5.29 * Kaboom Scrub Free Refill two pack for $7.99 (See link beneath) Now if we do the math, take the price of the refills divided by the expected lifestyle. Therefore $7.99 / 180 days = $.04 per day to operate the Kaboom Scrub Totally free Toilet Cleansing System and likewise, it costs $five.29 / 42 days = $.13 per day to make use of the Scrubbing Bubble Toilet Cleansing Gel. In addition to just the charge, the Kaboom Scrub Free is concealed inside the toilet tank in which as the Cleaning Gel sits on the inside of the toilet bowl underneath the rim. You can not place a expense on aesthetics. The other significant distinction is on the cleansing know-how alone. The Scrubbing Bubbles attaches inside the bowl these kinds of that the ring of the bowl is in no way clear, which is bad if you have hard water. On the other hand the Kaboom Scrub Totally free Technique cleans all the locations of your toilet touched by water considering that it starts with the h2o in the tank. Side Note: If you include the expense of the base Kaboom Scrub Free Toilet Cleaning System in the evaluation, the price to run each is $.13 per day for the initial 60 days. Right after that, when the refills kick in, the Kaboom Scrub Free Program is the winner hands down when it comes to cost to run. So from an ongoing use perspective, the Kaboom Scrub Free Toilet Cleansing System is 3 times cheaper to run than the Cleansing Gel and delivers various other advantages. Stop flushing your cash down the toilet and make every penny count! Kaboom Scrub Free is a product of Church & Dwight Co., Inc. Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Gel is a merchandise of S. C. Johnson & Son, Inc.kaboom refills

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byAlma Abell

Choosing the perfect finishing touches to your bathroom or kitchen can be exhausting when you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for. When you visit the big chain stores, the selection is limited unless you place a special order. You have no opportunity to look at or touch the product you want to buy. When you choose a store that specializes in decorative Plumbing Supplies in Lawrence KS, the selection of products is at the store for you to see. Click here to get more information.


When you’re completing the final step of the long process of remodeling or designing a kitchen or bathroom, a faucet, sink or tub can give your room the finishing touch it needs. Purchasing your bathroom or kitchen items through the internet is convenient, but if the wrong product is shipped, you have to pay to send it back. You do not know the quality of the product you’re purchasing from the internet for your bathroom or kitchen when you purchase it from the internet.

A showroom of decorative Plumbing Supplies in Lawrence KS gives you the opportunity to discuss your project and give you advice of pulling your project all together. Showrooms can help you with specialty items such as custom sinks or designer pieces. When you visit a showroom, it is helpful if:

  • You schedule an appointment.
  • You take your plans or blueprints with you.
  • You have your cabinet measurements with you.
  • You take any photos of the room or paint samples.
  • You take any inspirational pictures of designs you like.
  • You have an idea of what your budget will be.
  • You allow at least 1-2 hours to meet with a designer.

When you watch the home improvement shows on TV, there are many different features that are offered in a showroom that you won’t observe on the TV. For example, if you don’t like having your shower drain in the middle of your shower, you can choose a channel drain that can be placed anywhere in the shower. It is the tiny details that a showroom such as Kitchens and Baths by Briggs can offer that can make your project unique.

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By Penny Lane

It is no wonder that anyone who owns a house sometimes wonder where all the critters come from when they can see so much damage is being done to the place. Dust and bits of debris normally heralds some damage being done but there is usually no sign of the pest that is doing it. Indeed, even the signs can be missed if the householder does not look carefully and before too long, the house starts to show signs of weakness. For those who want to find out more about this kind of problem, and for those who want to get it treated, try searching for something like ‘Northern Kentucky termite’ or ‘termite’ online to see what is available close by.

These creatures are just doing what comes naturally of course. That is, feeding the colony with cellulose which is found in wood. Whether the wood is an old tree or a priceless antique really does not concern the pest since all they know is that the colony has to be fed. This never-ending search for food takes them very far away from the nest, through tunnels that they have built themselves, and once they have found the food source, they lay down a scent for others to follow.

Clever exterminators have realized the natural behavior of these little pests and have started to use this against them. This innovative way of using a behavior pattern to cure the problem is not new by any standards, but in this case, it seems to work extremely well.


In days gone by, exterminators would try to find the colony so that they could destroy the queen. However, this proved to be extremely difficult because not only is the nest very deep in the ground, it can also be about a kilometer or so from where the pests are eating their way through a house. Given this range it could be impossible to track the creatures back to where they live and this is why they are so successful in surviving.

However, there are two main ways which stop the creatures from eating their way through our house and home. One is to dig a deep trench all round the home and fill it with gallons of toxic chemicals to form a barrier which they cannot cross. Although this has been the accepted method for many years, some people do not like the thought of disrupting their prized gardens for this kind of process to be done.

The other way is to sink in tubes all round the home, again in one complete circle, and using these to sink bait to where the pests will come into contact with it. The clever thing about this method is that the insects will carry the poison back to the colony and eventually the queen will succumb. After she dies, the whole colony will be finished since she is the only one who will lay eggs to keep the colony going.

Either method works but some would prefer the non invasive method since these tubes can remain in situ for future use.

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Northern Kentucky termite

problem which is causing damage to area homes. She heard certain neighborhoods had a

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Handmade Baby Shower Ideas for Girls



A baby shower is an exciting time for the mother-to-be, as well as for her friends and family. Handmade gifts, decorations and favors help add a unique and personal touch to this special event, and can easily be customized to suit an arriving baby girl. With a few simple and creative ideas, you can make handmade crafts that all the guests will treasure and that honor the mother-to-be.


Tins or Baby Bottles Filled with Pink Candy Tins or baby bottles filled with candy can make cute and charming baby shower favors, as well as decoration to celebrate the birth of a baby girl. Purchase tins or baby bottles from a craft store and fill them with pink colored candy. Decorate the tins or baby bottles with ribbons or small baby charms. Place the filled baby bottles or tins onto every place at each table so that every guest can take one home. Personalize them by adding custom labels to each favor. Pink Candle Favors Handmade pink candles make pretty favors idea for a baby shower. These feminine candles can be used as decoration during the party before being presented as baby shower favors for the guests after the fun. Purchase pink pillar candles and paper or silk flowers from a craft store. Measure around the candles and the flowers and decide how much space you want between each flower. Mark out lightly on the candle where you want the flowers to be, before securing the flowers around the candle using jeweled pins or brads. Baby Shower Gift Baskets A baby shower gift basket designed for a girl can be made for decoration or as a gift for the mother and father. Find a suitable container, such as a wicker basket, storage box, gift box or tote bag. Line the container with a blanket, soft towel or tissue paper and fill either with baby necessities, including a soft toy and keepsake, or things just for the mother-to-be, such as gourmet food or a pampering kit. Decorate by tying pink ribbon around the handles of the container and adding a pink helium balloon for a finishing touch. Alternatively, wrap your filled container up in cellophane, twist it to close and tie with a pink ribbon and bow. Handmade Centerpiece Ideas Adorning each table at the baby shower with handmade centerpieces adds a unique and personal touch to the party. If the baby shower has a theme, try to incorporate it into the centerpiece decorations. Make lollipops from pink washcloths, sticks and cellophane and place in a small container filled with pink candy. The lollipops and candy container can be put in the center of the table and offered as cute favors if desired. Fresh flowers placed in clear vases that are filled with sliced fruit are unique and simple baby shower centerpiece ideas to make by hand. You could even create edible centerpieces with containers filled with pink candy, pink cupcakes displayed in a tower or a fruit bouquet made with fresh fruit on skewers in a vase. Throw a baby shower can be costly, when prices begin to accumulate. However, almost all commonly purchased for a baby shower favors to invitations to decorations, can also be handmade. Call your girlfriends over to help work on your crafts baby shower, and save your money for diapers and formula, you will need later. please vist:

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By Patricia Holland

There is a great deal more to dressing room design than aesthetics. Space management has become a very high priority because facilities now provide more amenities than they once did. The needs for security and privacy have increased accordingly. Efficient use of resources and the longevity of equipment should also be considered when purchasing commercial dressing room supplies.

As a matter of course, changing rooms provide guests with shower facilities. Ideally, shower units should accommodate as many users as possible and provide each individual user with privacy. Column showers are becoming increasingly popular in dressing room design. They draw from a single water supply and distribute it through multiple faucets to several users. Column showers are most often installed along the wall, where faucets separate the water flow between individual privacy stalls.

In larger changing rooms, however, some column showers are also installed in the center of the room. Here, a piper beneath the floor feeds water upward into the shower assembly. Faucets then distribute water between privacy partitions just as they do with wall mounted fixtures.


Choosing the right designer lockers is another important decision to make in dressing room design. Locker storage must offer guests dry, wrinkle free storage, and security. There are several designer locker styles that provide all three of these benefits. The choice of locker model typically depends on the type of clothing the guest wears into the changing room.

Persons just arriving from work are often wearing suits, dresses, and nice skirts. These individuals require designer lockers with hooks they can use to hang their dress clothes. They will also need shelving and extra space for shoes and personal items.

Individuals who arrive in more casual clothes require less storage space. Many casual clothes can be folded neatly without being wrinkled, so not as much space is needed.

All lockers keep their contents dry thanks to laminate coating that keeps moisture out. Also, all lockers can be fitted with padlocks or combination locks to secure belongings. Efficient designs like these give the locker plenty of interior space, but they also keep the locker

Dressing room designs with built-in restrooms can maximize the utilization of existing space by choosing toilet partitions that are specifically designed to accommodate different types of restroom environments. Some dressing rooms simply have less floor space than others. Other changing areas may have limited wall space. Still others may be constrained by very low ceilings.

Each scenario can present the architect with a potential challenge when it comes time to choose partitions. With options that include, but are not limited to, ceiling hung, floor mounted, wall mounted, and floor to ceiling mounted, architects are sure to find the best possible option for their project on XPB Locker Supply’s website.

In terms of material construction, we recommend either solid plastic or phenolic core toilet partitions for dressing room design. These are both extremely durable surface materials highly suitable for the heavy traffic witnessed in most changing rooms. They are also moisture resistant thanks to 100 percent non-absorbency. This makes them ideal for the humid conditions that exist in changing where bacteria, mold, and mildew would build up on porous surfaces.

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Fat Burning Foods A Weird Concept


Dr. Dennis Clark

Fat Burning Foods – No Such Thing


The common phrase that I hear is that your body is like a furnace. If that is the case, then how do you get a furnace to selectively burn just one of the fuels that are stored in it? It would be like storing oil, wood, and coal in a furnace, then adding some kind of magical ‘food’ that makes it burn just one of them. Silly, isn’t it? It might make more sense if the ‘furnace’ had a liver, some muscles and bones, a pancreas, digestive and circulatory systems, a few hundred hormones, a brain, etc., etc. Oh, and maybe a few trillion tiny compartments (cells). And whatever else that could be built and controlled by about 30,000 genes. My point is that we are WAY more complicated than the simplistic comparison with a furnace. The way we metabolize foods is biological, not fire-ological. (Okay, I made up that word … you can use it if you wish.) The Key: Metabolic Redirection This is also a phrase that I made up, although it underlies everything that happens to our bodies every day. Metabolic redirection depends on what, when, and how much we eat, on dozens of lifestyle factors, and on age. Regarding weight loss, or more accurately, fat loss, the goal is to redirect metabolism to break down stored fat, to store less fat, and to build lean body mass (muscle). Foods can help you do that. Indeed, your ‘eating style’ (i.e., what, when, how much) may be responsible for as much as 80 percent of anything that you do for managing your metabolism. In fact, what you eat and when you eat are vastly more important than how much you eat. The extent to which foods can help you redirect your metabolism depends on a long list of factors, the main one of which is… Hormone Balance This is an extensive topic, which I address in more detail in my Belly Fat Book (no charge). This includes more than 150 steroid hormones, the two most famous being estrogen and testosterone, as well as a whole slew of neurohormones and protein hormones (e.g., insulin, leptin, growth hormone). If all you did was to pay attention to how to maintain hormone balance – specifically, to correct hormone imbalance – by eating right, then you would be on the right track. I’m going to assume that you have or will be reading about that in my book. For now I’m just going to give you one pointer about achieving hormone balance. It is this: Men and women: You are more than likely to be estrogen dominant. Two ways to address this issue are: 1) reduce excess stored fat, since fat cells are little estrogen factories; and, 2) reduce the xenoestrogens that you are exposed to every day. Xenoestrogens are foreign substances that act as estrogens in your body. They are not steroids. They can be as simple as bisphenol-A (BPA), phthalates, or plasticizing agents that leak into plastic containers (water bottles, foods and beverages in cans that are lined with plastic [almost all are!]), and many other common sources. Here is a short list of other sources: …Petrochemically-derived pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides …Car exhaust …Solvents and adhesives such as those found in nail polish and polish remover, paint and paint remover, and glues …Emulsifiers and waxes in soaps and cosmetics …Chemicals used for dry cleaning …Fabric softeners, air fresheners, and petrochemically-based perfumes …Noxious odors coming from glues, fiberboard, new carpeting, and new paint …Nearly all plastics …Industrial waste such as PCBs and dioxins (VERY dangerous toxins!) …Meat from livestock fed estrogenic drugs to fatten them up …Synthetic estrogens and progestins that have been flushed down the toilet and have reached our drinking water and food chain (these are even being found in wild-caught fish!) It may seem like a tall order to avoid all of these sources. Just do whatever you can. Regarding the misguided concept of fat burning foods, the idea is really to make your foods work better for the metabolic redirection that you seek. Reducing your xenoestrogen exposure will go a long way toward managing your estrogen dominance and redirecting your metabolism. Eating right will have a much more beneficial impact on your body fat composition when you do so.

Dr. Dennis Clark provides a scientist’s view of the fat loss industry. Be sure to get his free

Belly Fat Book

to see what good science really has to offer for weight loss.

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Fat Burning Foods A Weird Concept

Submitted by: Robin Reckard

Attention to all you bathroom design specialists. If you really want to please all the moms when it comes to their bathrooms then get busy designing and marketing these wonderful ideas. As mom’s we don’t ask for a lot but a few of these suggestions could go a long way in keeping our happy families happy!!

Okay when it comes to mirrors I don’t see why they can’t make them tooth paste repellent. It seems like every morning and night when I go look in the bathroom mirror I see little specks of toothpaste. I am sure it would be much easier to design mirrors like this rather than to teach my family to brush their teeth with their mouth closed, or heaven forbid wipe off the toothpaste when they are done.


How about a water rail you can flip up on the tub when a toddler or younger child is playing in the tub. Lots of children like to play in the bath tub and some fill up containers of water to set on the edge (that sometimes get knocked over onto the floor). If you had a waterproof rail you could flip up it could keep all the toys, water, and waves in the tub and make things much simpler.

Now this one will be tougher to design, and maybe it is something that needs to be taught in school, I know I have had more success teaching new math, world history, and physics than I have in teaching my family how to consistently change the toilet paper roll when it is empty. But if a design could be invented to help make this happen in homes with children that would be an amazing invention. Maybe a buzzer should go off when it is empty and the doors automatically lock. The only way the buzzer stops or the door unlocks is when the old roll has been replaced with a new one. I don’t know, this is one for the experts.

The last bathroom design ideas is the biggee. If inventors can invent vehicles that sense when something is getting to close when you are backing up and they can invent moisture sensing windshield wipers I see no reason why those two technologies cannot be combined into making a smart toilet. Can’t all you mothers imagine how much more pleasant cleaning the bathroom would be if your toilet was equipped with those two technologies? If this ever becomes a mainstay in bathroom plumbing you can bet it will be a mom that invents it!

About the Author: Robin Reckard, co-founder of Jorbins Lifestyle Magazine (

), keeps busy producing, writing, and editing for the magazine as well as raising and enjoying her six year old daughter. Also visit Jorbins Home Improvement and Decorating (



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