By Carrie Reeder

Refinancing your mortgage after a Chapter 7 bankruptcy allows you to cash out your equity and find lower rates. You can also lower your payments by extending your loan term. Two years after your bankruptcy has been discharged, you may qualify for conventional rates. But if you need a refi loan sooner, you can find a sub-prime lender to work with you.

Timing Your Refinancing

Most financial advisors will counsel you to wait two years before applying for a new loan. Within those two years, you can reestablish your credit score to good standing and qualify for a Fannie Mae loan with market rates.

However, you can find refinancing sooner by working with a sub-prime lender. Depending on your credit score, cash assets, and income, you can find a financing package only a couple of points higher than conventional rates.


Before You Apply For A Refi Loan

Before you apply for a refi loan, check your credit report to be sure that your bankruptcy was properly discharged. Make sure accounts are in good standing and have accurate information. You can also include a letter explaining the circumstances of your bankruptcy, which can help your loan application.

Also, take the time to research lenders. Just like with any product, shopping around will guarantee that you get the best deal. It just takes a few minutes to receive loan quotes online. And you can review them at home with no pressure. While you are looking at rates, also note fees and closing costs.

Getting Better Rates

If you didn’t get the best terms or rates on your first mortgage, now is the time to find them. For the lowest payments, choose an adjustable rate mortgage. Usually for the first two to five years rates will be lower than fixed rates. Some lenders will also allow you to lock in a rate for a fee.

Interest rates can also be lowered by choosing a shorter term loan. While your total interest costs will be less, your monthly payments will be higher. Some lenders will also lower rates if you set up an automatic payment, usually debited from your checking account.

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byAlma Abell

While it may seem daunting at first, providing a family member with senior care is an important thing. Whether they choose to have in home care or stay at a center, it’s important to find care that will provide seniors with the things they need. There are numerous senior centers and caregivers out there. It can be difficult finding Nurses in Mechanicsburg, PA that will provide the right care for seniors. It’s important for family members to do their research in order to find the right fit.

Many senior care centers provide in home care for seniors. This is a great option for many seniors who don’t wish to leave their homes. The Nurses in Mechanicsburg, PA will visit seniors in their home and provide them with the same care that they would get at a care center. This includes medical care, personal hygiene, meal preparation, and companionship. What’s great about in home care is that seniors feel at ease. It can be intimidating to enter a senior center. With at home care, seniors will be comfortable and open to help.

It’s important for caregivers to be able to provide the medical care seniors need. Seniors often need a significant amount of medication to stay healthy. Missing even one dosage can prove to be detrimental to their health, so having nurses in Mechanicsburg, PA help seniors stay on track is vital. Nurses and caregivers should be able to handle every aspect of medication, from pick up to distribution. It’s not uncommon for these medications to be complicated for seniors. They sometimes require specific instructions and dosages. A caregiver can prepare a schedule and separate dosages beforehand. They’ll remind seniors about their medication on a daily basis, ensuring that seniors will always remember to take their medication.

All in all, senior care is an important aspect of senior life that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Families should sit down with their seniors to discuss options and needs. Not every senior needs significant amounts of care. A senior can decide how much care they receive so that they are comfortable and safe. Family can help seniors find just the right type of care they need based on their needs and desires.

Submitted by: Kruis Barry

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Austin Texas Parks


CurtisThere are a million and one reasons why Austin is a fantastic place to live and call home. Austin is famous for the outstanding music scene, it has become great place for film making, delicious B-B-Q, the Capital Building, The University of Texas -there is of course the FOOTBALL- and all the wonderful people who live, work and play here. Another aspect of Austin that is not quite so widely known is its propensity for green space-whether it is parks, trails, gardens or just plain patches of green, Austinites love the space. Almost every neighborhood has at least a small area set aside for residents to walk their dogs, for the kids to run around in or room enough just to enjoy a lazy afternoon under a shade tree. If there is a creek, there is usually a hike and bike trail around it. Many of the parks have a small playscape or at least a couple of swings. Quite a few have swimming pools that are a haven in the hot summers. It is not unusual to find residents who have packed a lunch and headed for one of the area parks to spend the day. Zilker Park is the most popular by far but there are other area parks not quite so grand but a leisurely place to spend some time and relax or get together with some friends for a game or two of your favorite sport or activity.

Another of Austin’s long time favorite parks is Deep Eddy. Or rather it is Eiler’s Park and Deep Eddy Pool. Deep Eddy is the oldest man-made swimming pool in Texas. Eiler’s Park is approximately 9 acres and is primarily used for picnics, offers a toddler playscape and a small fishing pier. If you are looking for a larger area for play with a little more room for motorsports try Emma Long Metropolitan Park, commonly called City Park. City Park is approximately 1150 acres situated on the shores of Lake Austin. The park has a designated swimming area with a sandy beach. You will also find hot showers, men and women’s restrooms and dressing areas. Picnic and camping sites are also available. The City has established rules and regulations to help preserve the sensitive park environment and ensure that everyone who visits the park has a safe and pleasant stay.


Pease Park is another popular park for birthday parties, BBQ’s or simply spending time on the playground or wading pool. Pease Park is known for hosting such long time favorites as the Jazz Festival and the very special Eyeore’s Birthday Party.

Ladybird Wildflower Center, while not technically a park is a beautiful garden that features native plants and is dedicated to the restoration, preservation and conservation of Central Texas’ endangered flora and fauna. The Center also provides educational and hands on programs for adults and children alike who share an interest in learning about their natural surroundings and learning to grow their own native plants for their own gardens.

These are only a few of the wonderful parks in the Austin area. Many more are tucked away in neighborhoods here and there. There a many just on the outskirts of town that offers a wide range of activities and sports complexes.

If you are looking for way to spend the day, take a look at one of the many parks located in the Austin area. There is a spot waiting just for you!

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South Austin

. The author also writes about areas of Austin such as

Tanglewood Forest


Homes in Tanglewood Forest

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If you’re like most business owners, you’re probably always looking for ways to improve your marketing efforts. And, if you’re like most business owners, you probably don’t have a lot of time to devote to it. That’s where graphic design comes in. Graphic design can help you create effective marketing materials that will help you reach more people.

Use unique graphics to break down your competitor

If you create marketing material you need to make it more user-friendly and unique. More unique graphics attract people and it will promote your company very well. Never use a normal quality design always try to use a high-quality unique design. A Unique design means custom hand-drawn logo design, hipster design, vintage logo design, cool design, etc. nowadays these are very popular designs in this industry.

To Create Effective Marketing Materials break up text and make it easier to read

One of the most effective ways to use graphic design to create effective marketing materials is to use graphics to break up text and make it easier to read. This is especially important if your text is dense or long. You should do that because your potential customer wants this from you. If you are failed to understand your service to your customer then its don’t have any value to create this. So must need your attention on inserting the most easily readable text on your marketing materials. You may see some examples from Handcraft Logo

Use graphics to create a visual appeal

Consider the most important things you can do when using graphic design to create effective marketing materials is to use graphics to create a visual appeal. Visual appeal can attract your potential customer. This can help you stand out from the competition and attract more customers. Nowadays people preferred to see attractive designs. The more visuality you will add to your marketing material the more you will get responses from your potential customers. So it is the most important thing that you need to take look at.

Use graphics to emphasize key points

What do you want to promote for your customer? One of the best ways to use graphic design to create effective marketing materials is to use graphics to emphasize key points. This can help you crystalize your key messages and make them easier to understand. Whenever you create user-friendly marketing material use emphasize key points to take your customer attraction more easily.

Use graphics to create a sense of urgency

This can be the best way to use graphic design to create effective marketing materials is to use graphics to create a sense of urgency. This can help you persuade your customers to take action now. Consider a sense of urgency in your material, it will help you to get good feedback from customers.


First and foremost, graphics should be designed to be engaging and easy to understand. This means that your graphics should be simple, but effective. Additionally, you’ll want to keep in mind the target audience you’re trying to reach. For instance, if you’re targeting a younger audience, you may want to use bright, fun graphics. If you’re targeting a more mature audience, you may want to use more muted colors and graphics that are more factual.

Another important thing to remember when creating graphics is to keep them simple and organized. This will help your audience easily understand what you’re trying to say. Additionally, be sure to use headings and subheadings to help your audience follow along.

Submitted by: Zaara Jones

Glasses have turned into an accessory. More than a medical need. Turning your look into something completely different by just one piece? Its possible! Glasses have become cool nowadays, from geek to chic with a stunning eye catcher. Literally, nowadays glasses are a fun item to add to your look even when you dont need them. To some people that may seem odd, because why should you wear something when you dont have a medical need for it. It is indeed a fashion accessory; you can spice up your outfit with a cool frame. And anyway, people should just enjoy wearing what they want. People loves adding accessories to their looks to make it more appealing, apart from earrings, clutches , heels, glasses is one of the accessory which people are using nowadays. Get your personalized eye wear with Glasses direct promo codes at an amazing price.

Let your looks speak


Try all different kind of frames and you will see which is working best for you. Take a good look at the shape of your face, the color of your skin and go from there. And be critical, glasses can be so strong in your appearance. Choose something you feel comfortable with. so there are tons of reasons to wear eyeglasses: nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism…but what about style, fashion, and accessorizing? This fashion week, we’ve spotted tons of celebs and models rocking glasses to change their outfits instead of their eyesight. Check out the way their frames have transformed the our vision of their ensembles, after the jump!. You surely enjoy what you wear when you choose from a wide range of glasses with Glasses voucher and promo codes.

Get yourself the new fashion accessory

From the mid-20th century eyewear became increasingly important as a fashion accessory, a trend which was actively pursued. Spectacles today are less an indication of poor eyesight, more an accessory to personal style. Geek chic on the catwalks. Hipsters donning retro glasses. Its all contributed to making eyewear a notable fashion accessory; people have been more focused on looks. Since people have been focusing more on looks this reason why glasses have turned into an accessory. If youre sorted for glasses already, why not set yourself up for the summer and take a peek on their prescription sunglasses. Change your looks with the ongoing trend of glasses from retro to chic.

Getting the perfect frames is not always an easy task and thats why it is great to have an abundance of choice. At Glasses Direct you have exactly that, so find your favourite style when you shop online today. Every time you activate our Glasses Direct voucher codes and Glasses Direct promo codes you will be helping us raise money for charity in the process of saving yourself cash. E-commerce has made our shopping experience a delight, we can choose from a wide range of products at the best deal. E-commerce is the most convenient way for consumers because they can visit various online storefronts to compare prices and make purchases without having to leave their homes or offices. Hurry up and grab a pair of cool trendy glasses to enhance your look.

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By Ron Roberts

In Part 1, I showed you how to fill out page 1 of the AIA pay application (form G702). In Part 2, we are going to work through page 2 (form G703).

Go dig out your AIA pay application form again and turn to the second page. Here’s how to fill it out.

AIA Pay Application Page 2

The purpose of page 2 is to allow General Contractors to keep a close eye on your billing. As that is their purpose, they will probably ask you to break your pay request into several line items.

If they don’t, use as few breakouts as possible. This is your one opportunity to control your billing. If they request a more detailed breakout, give it to them.

Before delving into the heart of the page, allow me a moment to discuss the numbering of your pay applications. When you number your applications, number the first one “1” and count up from there.

If you have to revise a pay application, do not increase the number, just add a letter designation behind the original number. For example, if you are revising pay application number 5, make it 5R to reflect that it is a revision of number 5.

Column A – Item No.

Number your line items however you wish. Most contractors start with “1” and go from there. Some use the specification section or drawing number that the work applies to.

Column B – Description of Work

Describe the line item’s type of work (e.g. underground sanitary or first floor concrete slabs), the building, the area, or anything else that makes sense to you.


If your scope of work is large, you may wish to match this up to major activities from your estimate. Change orders are usually added as separate line items as they are approved.

Assume your first line item is for mobilization and your second line item is for pouring and finishing the first floor slabs. The rest of our example will focus on the first floor slab.

Column C – Scheduled Value

Assign a dollar value to each line. The grand total of all lines must equal your current contract sum that shows up on line 3 of page 1. Double check that before submitting the pay application.

Billing is a cat and mouse game. Be sly. Listing $30,000 for pre-construction and mobilization when you only have a couple of days of contract work and shop drawing preparation combined with taking a job trailer, a few skid steers, and some tools to the site to get started insults the GC’s intelligence.

Assume you have scheduled $60,000 for the first floor slab. Enter that in column C.

Column D – Work Completed from Previous Applications

Write down the total dollar amount you requested for this line item through your last pay application. That includes materials that you listed as Stored Materials but have now put in place. Column D does not include work completed this period nor does it include newly stored material.

Assume, that on your last application, you had listed $10,000 in column D, $5,000 in column E, and had $5,000 of Stored Materials of which $3,000 have now been put in place. On this pay application, you would list the combined total from all three items ($18,000) under column D and still have at least $2,000 of Stored Materials.

Column E – Work Completed This Period

The dollar amount of new work completed this period. Do not include materials that you installed but had already been paid for under Stored Materials. That figure goes in column D. All labor, equipment, and mark-up for the placement of those stored materials should be included as Work Completed This Period.

Assume you have completed $12,000 of work this period.

Column F – Materials Presently Stored

The total value of materials currently stored but not installed. Usually, to get paid for stored materials they have to be on site or in a bonded, secure storage facility.

Assume you bought an additional $1,000 in materials beyond what you had. Remember, you installed $3,000 worth from your last pay application’s $5,000 of Stored Materials. Column N of this application should show $3,000 ($2,000 of carry-over plus $1,000 of new material).

Column G – Total Completed and Stored to Date

Add together columns D, E, and F. This value should be the total work and materials to date. For our example that total should be $33,000.

Did you come up with that number? If not, go back and added everything up again.

Column G – % (of scheduled value)

This column is commonly referred to as Percent Complete. Divide your Total Completed and Stored to Date by the Scheduled value.

For the example, the correct value for our example would be 55% ($33,000 divided by $60,000).

Column H – Balance to Finish

Subtract the Total Completed and Stored to Date from the Scheduled Value.

For our example, the value would be $27,000 ($60,000 minus $33,000).

Column I – Retainage (held)

Multiply the prevailing retention rate (typically 10%) by the Total Completed and Stored to Date value.

Assuming 10% retention for our example, the value would be $3,300 ($33,000 times 0.1).

To finish filling out your form, total up each column and enter the value at the bottom of the column on the Grand Total line.

Whew. We’re done with pay applications.

About the Author: Ron Roberts, The Contractor’s Business Coach, teaches contractors how to turn their businesses into money making machines. To receive Ron’s FREE Contractor Best Practices Newsletter visit


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By Adriana Notton

The laundry room, which can be located in such areas as the basement, main floor of the home, or even up in the attic, can be a place where a flood can occur. When a laundry room flood occurs, the damage can be extensive and expensive. Fortunately, there are a number of things you can do to prevent flooding of your laundry room.

To determine if you have a plumbing issue that could result in a laundry room flood, check to see if the floors and walls around the laundry room sink are damp. Check the joints in the pipe connections to see if they are loose. If they are, you can tighten them yourself. Also, check to see if there are tiny holes or cracks in a pipe. If there is a small hole that can cause a leak, you can wrap the pipe in rubber hose and attach clamps at the top, bottom, and at the source of the leak. There is also plumber’s epoxy you can purchase which is effective at sealing small holes and cracks causing leaks.


Clogs are another cause of a laundry room flood as it can cause the floor drain line or sink drain line to backup. Causes of a clog can include: hair, soap, and lint which can accumulate in the line and eventually cause it to clog. To determine if you have a clogged drain, you can turn off the water, remove the u-shaped pipe, and try to locate the clog. You will also have to examine each side of the straight ends of the pipe to see if there is a clog. Once you have located and removed the clog, put the pipes back in place, turn the water on, and run water through to see if the water flow has returned to normal.

Burst pipes are also a cause of flooding. Burst pipes are often due to old worn pipes or frozen pipes. It is important to have a plumber restore old and damaged pipes. To prevent frozen pipes, you should wrap the pipes in insulation wrap. Other times, a flood can be caused by worn parts such as a worn hose connection. If you have old, cheap, or worn connections, you should get them replaced. If your water hose bursts, it will flood the room with hundreds of gallons of water. You should consider installing a shut off valve to prevent such a disaster. As well, installing a floor drain can stop flooding of the room. Hiring a plumber to install a washer tray under your washing machine will help collect water if a leak develops.

When implementing measures to prevent flooding of the laundry room, it is a good idea to have a plumber inspect the plumbing system, appliances that use water, and plumbing fixtures, to check for damage and old and worn components. An examination and repair of high risk parts and appliances will go a long way in preventing flooding of the laundry room. It will prevent a lot of damage and save you a lot of money. When it comes to laundry room flooding, prevention is the solution.

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Which Type Of Modern-day Bbq To Pick?


William Rogers

The Diversity Of Bbq Grills Currently Available


Charcoal GrillsHere is the most inexpensive and traditional way of barbecuing. As opposed to charcoal, even wood can be utilized. Providing you have a charcoal grill, it could even be fueled with some dry branches and twigs. However, if you’re not having a laid-back party, grilling with a charcoal grill can consume considerable time. Nonetheless, charcoal grills lend a magnificently juicy and smoked flavor to the meat. Flare-ups would be the only risk associated with charcoal grills and they may be slightly messier.Electric GrillsIf you think a charcoal or gas Bbq could be too dangerous to use, you’ll get an electric grill considerably better. Indeed, electric grills are less messy, quicker and safer. These grills go about doing quicken the process of grilling, so plenty of time can be saved. However, the death would be that the flavors that meat gains from grilling more than a charcoal or gas grill can’t be matched or replicated by electric grills.Gas GrillOperating propane gas grills is less complicated and that is just one single reason they’ve become popular. Instant high heat is produced by them, so cooking time is naturally reduced and food gets cooked evenly. Propane gas grills are specially built to are powered by natural gas or propane, but as this fuel should be constantly refilled, it could be harmful for start using these grills. Moreover, the extraordinary smoky flavor that charcoal grills often provide just isn’t given by them. However, they could be reliable for convenient grilling.Infrared GrillAn infrared BBQ grill heats up a ceramic tile in order to radiate heat which is quickly becoming popular. This way, food is cooked evenly. Because of this, the flavors in the meat is ultimately comparable to when it is grilled on the charcoal grill. Since direct heating is used in order to smoke the meat, as it happens to b e juicy and succulent. Nonetheless, fewer time should be spent to heat and cook food. However, these grills happen to be bulky and big so they really cannot be moved around easily.Toaster-Cum-Electric GrillsSuch a grill may be quite ideal when you need to arrange a small bite in the daytime. It will be particularly useful if you ever ought to grill burger patties or fish early every day, or whenever you have a hurry. Because it is a little bit of an electric grill, you’ll be able to avoid wasting a good amount of preheating time. Obviously, it needs to be obvious that it will not be suitable for major grilling.

So, if you happen to want a

BBQ grill

to throw a barbeque social gathering, then all you want to do is choose one of many above grills, relying on your budget and requirements.

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By Adriana J. Noton

It is easy for the people today to go deep into debt. With the availability of credit cards and the expense of a typical family, people do not think logically about how they are spending their money. Eventually, the bills are so high, debt consolidation is the only hope. It should not be a frightening concept, but one that brings peace and security to the mind of the debtor.

Some people choose to go to a professional consolidating company to take care of their problem. Do research into the background of the company you are considering. Some companies are good at what they do while others are not. Some have a good deal of experience, a good reputation and offer references to new customers. This is important because anything that has to do with family finances and anyone who has access to this information must be trustworthy and dependable.

It is a good idea to consult with an accountant if you have one that you trust and can rely on. They will give you an idea of the state of your finances. They can also suggest solutions and create resolution plans for you. You will need to disclose all of your personal and business financial information, so make sure you respect and trust the accountant completely. An accountant will often show you what you need to do to make sure you stay in the clear your finances in the future.


Since credit cards are so easily obtainable, many people do not think ahead to the future and whether or not they will be able to afford to pay the credit companies back. It is never a good idea to pay credit cards with the minimum balance required. It can take years to pay off a small amount if only the minimum balance is paid. Consolidating all the cards and other bills together is an excellent way to get everything paid off much sooner.

Consolidation companies work with the creditors to reduce the amount of payback. They will ask for a reduction and make payment arrangements so that the interest, penalties and fees will stop being added on. This is a great way to get rid of unwanted old debts.

You can consult with a lawyer about your rights when you have neglected your debts and they have gotten out of hand. A lawyer will fight for you to be able to pay off the debts without being harassed about them. A lawyer will also advise you whether or not consolidating or declaring bankruptcy is the right thing to do.

The best time to start learning about finances and paying debts is when you are very young. Teach your children about the details of money and how to handle it very early on so that they will be able to handle themselves when they are out on their own. This will keep them from running into a situation like yours.

The option of debt consolidation can be blessing to people who are stressing out about how much money they owe to their creditors. It is usually a better choice than declaring bankruptcy, which stays on the credit as a bad mark. Paying off all your debts looks good to creditors and learning how to handle finances will help you live a better, more fulfilling life.

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