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Handmade Baby Shower Ideas for Girls



A baby shower is an exciting time for the mother-to-be, as well as for her friends and family. Handmade gifts, decorations and favors help add a unique and personal touch to this special event, and can easily be customized to suit an arriving baby girl. With a few simple and creative ideas, you can make handmade crafts that all the guests will treasure and that honor the mother-to-be.


Tins or Baby Bottles Filled with Pink Candy Tins or baby bottles filled with candy can make cute and charming baby shower favors, as well as decoration to celebrate the birth of a baby girl. Purchase tins or baby bottles from a craft store and fill them with pink colored candy. Decorate the tins or baby bottles with ribbons or small baby charms. Place the filled baby bottles or tins onto every place at each table so that every guest can take one home. Personalize them by adding custom labels to each favor. Pink Candle Favors Handmade pink candles make pretty favors idea for a baby shower. These feminine candles can be used as decoration during the party before being presented as baby shower favors for the guests after the fun. Purchase pink pillar candles and paper or silk flowers from a craft store. Measure around the candles and the flowers and decide how much space you want between each flower. Mark out lightly on the candle where you want the flowers to be, before securing the flowers around the candle using jeweled pins or brads. Baby Shower Gift Baskets A baby shower gift basket designed for a girl can be made for decoration or as a gift for the mother and father. Find a suitable container, such as a wicker basket, storage box, gift box or tote bag. Line the container with a blanket, soft towel or tissue paper and fill either with baby necessities, including a soft toy and keepsake, or things just for the mother-to-be, such as gourmet food or a pampering kit. Decorate by tying pink ribbon around the handles of the container and adding a pink helium balloon for a finishing touch. Alternatively, wrap your filled container up in cellophane, twist it to close and tie with a pink ribbon and bow. Handmade Centerpiece Ideas Adorning each table at the baby shower with handmade centerpieces adds a unique and personal touch to the party. If the baby shower has a theme, try to incorporate it into the centerpiece decorations. Make lollipops from pink washcloths, sticks and cellophane and place in a small container filled with pink candy. The lollipops and candy container can be put in the center of the table and offered as cute favors if desired. Fresh flowers placed in clear vases that are filled with sliced fruit are unique and simple baby shower centerpiece ideas to make by hand. You could even create edible centerpieces with containers filled with pink candy, pink cupcakes displayed in a tower or a fruit bouquet made with fresh fruit on skewers in a vase. Throw a baby shower can be costly, when prices begin to accumulate. However, almost all commonly purchased for a baby shower favors to invitations to decorations, can also be handmade. Call your girlfriends over to help work on your crafts baby shower, and save your money for diapers and formula, you will need later. please vist:

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