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By Eugen Lisov

The most important thing to know about dressing to be in fashion is that the color of the belt you are wearing should ALWAYS match the color of your shoes.

This is basic fashion knowledge people. This may sound harsh on some, but truth is I hate it when I see people ignoring this little detail. It’s really sad to see this wonderful woman on the street, wearing a nice pair of pink shoes, with a black belt?!? Somebody call the fashion police, please!

And this is not just a caprice of mine. It really is a basic requirement of having a presentable look, in order to show a little sophistication on your part.

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Women generally are aware of the importance of this requirement, although they may choose not to follow it. The majority of men on the other hand are oblivious to this rule, as to the whole fashion thing.

If you read to this point and you can identify yourself with what I’m talking about here (I won’t tell anyone, my lips are sealed), please take the time and adjust this little flaw.

Now, I don’t want to make this sound like a make of brake rule. It really isn’t. It’s just a small detail that may or may not go unnoticed. But as a whole, when put together with other such small details, it makes you have the best appearance, which in turns helps you feel comfortable and raise your self esteem.

In a business meeting or even at a bar when hitting the opposite sex, having this and others handled will work in your favor. But if the opposite, it’s very possible that you’ll be looked with suspicion or even ignored.

You’d better not wear a belt at all than one that does not match with your shoes. Some might go too far and wear a belt made of the same material as the shoes, but matching only the color is fine.

Now that you are aware of this, you have no more excuses for not doing it. Fix it as fast as possible.

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Yoga Therapy for Flu and Colds – AYM Yoga Teachers Training



While we all are a limit to suffering from the occasional flu or cold, the practicing yogini/yogi is less likely to come down with the sniffles, and when she/he does, tends to have a much faster recovery rate. This is precise because of yogas known abilities to govern the immune system, keeping it strong and healthy to withstand infections, and yogas ability to increase immune function with particular yogic practices.

Yogas stress reducing capabilities is one of the primary reasons a constant practice of yoga helps prevent and cure a common cold. Stress is known as a general contributing factor to catching a flu or cold, as stress hormones cause the thymus to shrink in size, causing it to morbid function as a producer of immune cells. Except the general calming effects of most yoga poses, restorative poses, and forward bends are particularly calming to the nervous system, helping to decrease whole-body stress. The under mentioned poses are known to be especially calming to the mind and body: Shavasana, supine bound angle pose, Child Pose, seated head to knee and seated forward bend.

Any physical activity will give a boost to the immune system, and yoga, with its vested stress reducing and immune enhancing properties, will both provide a temporary boost and a continued strengthening of the immune system. In addition to a general yoga practice, specific yoga postures can be applied to target specific organs of the immune system to enhance yoga’s immune boosting abilities further.

Chest opening upper back bends will effectual the main body of the immune system, the thymus gland, located in the center of the bosom. The most profitable postures for this purpose are Pigeon, Fish, Cobra, Bow, Boat, and Bridge. Since the thymus gland is located at the 4th chakra center, chanting yum, this chakras bija mantra, while performing these poses can further induce the thymus gland.

Inversions rise the passive circulation of the lymphatic system, which is liable for the movement and production of the immune cells to preserve the body from the viruses and bacteria. Inversions such as shoulder stand, headstand, legs and plow up the wall pose, will all help improve the flow of lymph and immune cells through the body. Twists and hip openers activate secondary genre of the immune system: the spleen and the lymph nodes in groin and armpits. These organs are the manufacturer sites for the immune cells, so using yoga poses to target these organs during flu or cold would be especially beneficial. Use twists such as seated twist, prayer twist, and knee down twist, and hip openers such as seated angle, pigeon, and bound angle to activate these organs to keep them healthy and active.

Lion pose is a particular yoga posture that activates the immune glands of the tonsils and the lymph nodes in the neck. Performing lion pose at the very outset of a sore throat can dramatically stop and prevent a sore throat from progressing. Another particular yogic technique that helps prevent and cure colds, especially sinus related infections, is Jala Neti (nasal irrigation). Jala Neti is the exercise of a Neti pot to pour water through the nasal passages, flushing out the bacteria or germs that can cause infection.

Many practicing yoginis/yogis follow a yogic diet, which can also help to prevent and cure a common cold. A yogic diets accounts on whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and legumes naturally provide the body with the proper nutrition and the profusion of antioxidants that the immune system needs to function optimally. A yogic diet is also usually free or little of sugar, caffeine, alcohol, and fat all of which are known to suppress various immune functions.

These different poses and practices of yoga are an exquisite way to keep the immune system healthy and strong to prevent and quickly recover from the regular flu or cold. If you do come down with flu or cold, it is important to rest, drink plenty of fluids, and eat pure, nourishing foods and to practice some gentle yoga poses. After 3 to 4 days if there is no revulsion in your symptoms or a worsening of symptoms occurs, please seek medical attention from a qualified health care practitioner.

Website: https://www.indianyogaassociation.comEmail: aymindia@gmail.comAddress: Association for Yoga and Meditation Baba balaknath Temple road Rishikesh

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By Brian Garvin And Jeff West

World Financial Group, also known as WFG is a company that services financial needs. The WFG Associate is able to offer a broad spectrum of financial products and services from a long list of service providers.

A WFG Associate work with clients that have large amounts of discretionary income as well as everyday folks like me. Associates need to live in the US or Canada to be able to work for the company and be able to provide the services.

WFG is part of a worldwide insurance company. They say that unlike other insurance and financial institutions that offer their products and services from only one provider, that a WFG associate can find any product to fit any need. They are able to provide insurance, mutual funds, and other products.

What makes World Financial Group so different?

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I searched their website to find the answer to this, to see if they truly are different. This is what I have found:

They provide the opportunity for you to be your own boss in your own business. (Same thing others provide). You can reach your dreams and help others reach theirs, (Still nothing different). You can help others by educating them on the financial fundamentals that can lead them to their dream, (still waiting). WFG is there to help provide excellent support, (Okay), Innovative training programs, and field-mentoring business model for you to follow, (I am doing this review and I am still waiting to find the answer that they posted on their site).

(A little later), I found it, and they are a company that is one of the few that is dedicated to serving financial needs of individuals and families that are often ignored or overlooked by the financial services industry. They want to provide financial education for the middle class who can learn from their latest financial concepts and solutions. Their goal is to teach the everyday person how to work toward their goals and achieve them.

From what I am gathering from my reading is that they have a great deal of support at their WFG Headquarters to help you. I guess I was looking for something that was really different from the other companies that I have reviewed. They will help you build a strong business by teaching you how to grow a strong client base. They will teach you how to recruit and mentor new associates.

They have a Business Format System (BFS), which is the core set of principles of their Turnkey Marketing System. When you are a registered representative with WFG, you will be able to offer clients securities related products and services. Normally and insurance agent would need a Series 6 or Series 7 license to do this. You will be able to provide Mutual Funds, Annuities, Life Insurance, IRAs and Roth IRAs. You will be selling college funds/529 plans, Pensions/401K, brokerage services, mortgages, property and casualty insurance. You will be doing this through the company WRL and Pacific Life, American Skandia, Transamerica Retirement Services, and Allianz.

As I was not able to find their compensation plan, but they do state on their website that their Compensation System and Promotion Guidelines are subject to change at anytime.

However, there is a lot of information regarding the Success Levels and how much the potential earning is along with the prizes.

There are a lot of very positive testimonials of very successful individuals and couples available to read and you will be able to hear from the Chairmen of the company. Again, I could not find any information on the compensation plan or the cost to become an Independent Associate. That information may only come from another associate once you contact them.

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. This website specializes in showing small and medium sized business owners the techniques and pitfalls regarding what it takes to make true, long-term, walk-away residual income. Free Insider Report! This article may be used royalty free as long as the article, as well as the resource box is not edited in anyway. Copyright Mission Billion, Inc. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.


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By Manan Nagpal

In the earlier days


was all about optimizing the various pages of a site. However today with the advent of Web 2.0 things have changed dramatically. The very structure of sites has changed and social media sites seem to be the norm these days. That is one reason why

social media optimization

is a whole new form of optimization these days.

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Sharing and spreading the word

The Internet is all about sharing information and enhancing interactivity with users. Social media sites have taken this concept to a whole new level. The way social media optimization works is that it helps propagate a website more effectively. It helps in added important elements and aspects to a particular website and also improves the overall quality of a site dramatically.

Improved link ability

One of the good things about SMO is that it allows your site as well as others to link back and to each other. However the good thing is that instead of the linkages happening on a random basis it is on a necessity basis. So if you feel the need to link to another site or vice versa then you can proceed with linking otherwise no.

Useful information

This new form of search engine optimization is all about helping a website gain prominence naturally amongst search engine listings. The idea is to get as many sites to link back to your site as possible. Therefore the natural deduction would be that in order to get more linkages you would need to improve on your site’s content so that it is useful to other websites.

Methods employed in this tactic

The main focus of such social book marking methods is to use tools and techniques like white papers, writing blogs, churning out interesting articles with appropriate keyword density and creating an increasing number of RSS feeds as well as press releases. Thus these are the various methods used in enhancing the social media influence of your website online.

Target audience

One of the main aspects to gain success in social book marking is to make your content appropriate to your target audience. In order to do this you will firstly need to define and identify the demographics of your target audience. Then you need to establish the preferences of this target set and finally create a business plan around this. Even your optimization efforts should revolve around this plan. The more niche your content and offerings are the more are your chances to quickly get listed on popular search engines. Plus it will make other social sites seem more interested in your site and link back too!

On our resource site you can find more such ways of doing social media optimization.Our special SEO marketing techniques can help you touch the PR ,you had always dreamed of.Get more traffic and high ranking with expertise in this field.Our Search Engine Gurus can guide in this process of social media optimization. So, touch your targets with these SMO techniques.

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