Change Should be an Act of Freedom


Roseanna LeatonChange comes in your life only when you choose to make that change. The majority of people have a far greater ability to change the aspects and reality of their lives than they actually appreciate.

In this life we are presented with many choices, and sometimes it may seem that we even have too many choices; sometimes we are presented with difficult choices, whilst other choices are easily made. Many people change in order to comply with what they believe others expect, but this type of change is one of compliance, as opposed to a change based upon freedom.

One important thing to remember is that if you were to make a choice which goes against what everyone else thinks the world will not fall apart. As Viktor Frankl commented, everything can be taken from a man except one thing – the power to make your own choice as to how you think in any set of circumstances. For some those choices are tough, for example when one goes on hunger strike, but those types of choices demonstrate that we are always free to make our own mind up as to what we will or will not think or do.

The majority of us are not backed into such a corner, although often we think that we are. In reality, the things which limit our choices and therefore limit our freedom most of all are our own beliefs and expectations. For example, many people will not change their circumstances because they are afraid that they haven’t got enough money, or because they are afraid that they will fail, or that they will be letting someone down. These limits are not imposed upon you by external forces; they come instead from within, from the inner recesses of your own mind.

You may argue that to not have enough money is a very real external force in the decision making process. But what constitutes enough money? This is an entirely relative concept, and therefore does indeed come from within. You may worry about what other people think and fear that there will be dire effects if you untie your tethers and make a break for freedom. But again this is your own fear which is holding you back. You could instead choose to expect that as you make your run for freedom, those other people will admire your spirit and wish that they too had the inner strength to carve their own pathway in life instead of merely following the trails previously trodden by others.

It is important to understand that this is your own life, and you should primarily please yourself. Your choices should be made because they are right for you. If you do this you will be happy and everyone around you will see this and will be happy for you to.

The only way to change the world is to change your thoughts and therefore your reality. Real change comes from within and this will only happen when you make your choices based upon freedom as opposed to compliance.

I read something the other day which ran along the lines of “Seek not to change the world. Seek to BE the change you wish to SEE in the world.”

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