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We know that ear wax is little bit annoying when noticed by your seatmate or your friend. However, one thing they do not know is that earwax helps us trap dirt and other tiny insects that will enter inside our ears and prevents them from infecting our ear canals. It will even help us protect our ear gland from very loud noises. Even though we always clean our ears, it will still become visible between one or two days after cleaning. This is normal to people since this is a part of our body system. The common thing that will trigger earwax to become impacted is that when we push too hard the cleaner that we are using and makes it more closer to our outer canal, it will clog the ear canal and will cause us to have difficulty in hearing. If you noticed, some elders are using hearing aids because most of them have impacted earwax. Others have an abnormal ear canal shapes that are also caused by impacted earwax.

How to get rid of it or a remedy that may work


Getting rid of impacted earwax can be done easily at home. The very common thing to use is an olive oil or baby oil. Put a little amount of oil into cotton buds and slowly put it inside your ears to soften your impacted earwax. Do this as often as you can so that your earwax will become soft easily. If you can tolerate pouring an amount of baby oil inside your ear canal, that would be better. The more oil you put inside, the faster your impacted earwax will become softer. Leave it for few minutes then wipe it with clean cloth and use cotton buds for cleaning the inner part of your ears.

If ever doing these basic treatments will not help you, you may go to an ear specialist that can help you clean your ear thoroughly and will help soften your impacted earwax easily. They can even flush your earwax out from your ears. Some of them will advise you to take antibiotics for prevention of infections. Impacted earwax can be prevented somehow. Just make it a habit to always use cotton buds only in cleaning your ears and not those hard objects like paper clips or hair pins because these are dangerous to your ears and will definitely cause impacted earwax.

While you’re going to find that these tips may help reduce the wax itself, you’re going to want to be very careful when it comes down to your ear area. You’re going to want to make sure that you don’t put a Q Tip in too far as it can greatly do damage to your ear drum. You will also find out that there are many over the counter remedies that you’ll want to avoid as well.

Be sure to consult with a Doctor if you’re finding that the problem continues to get worse. They may be able to prescribe something for you that will work.

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