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Losing weight at this time of year can get many people down with summer fast approaching. Crash diets are unsafe as the weight rebound can be horrific! Extreme exercise can be time consuming and sometimes the thought of exercise can make you uncomfortable.

Eating sensibly and changing your eating habits are perhaps the most effective way to start losing weight. Do something 7 times and it is a habit, so for example everyday you grab a can of coke, on day 1 try swapping it for a bottle of water, you will have to use willpower for the next 7 days to grab that water instead of coke, but on day 8 you will grab water instinctively, go on, give it a try. Its simple Neuro Linguistic programming.

Discipline obviously comes into play also, you can have all the will in the world to shed that few pounds but ‘oh I will just have a Mars now’ can creep in and one thing usually leads to another and you are back to square one

This can be the hardest thing to master but give yourself a motivator, something to work towards, if you are going on holiday stick a picture on your desk and look at it and think ‘I want to lay on there comfortably’ etc, it can be a great help!


Training the brain can be hard but the rewards can be excellent. I have spent hours doing this and the results are fantastic

Learning about foods also helps, taking ten minutes to google ‘healthy foods’ etc will give you a whole host of information on which foods you should/shouldn’t eat. I have compiled some of these in my book. It is an eye opener, I never knew how unhealthy white bread could be, or how some ‘health food bars’ contained more sugar than Frosties! Did you also know that water quenched hunger also?

Weight loss is a huge business at the minute and one that people could actually do without forking out the big bucks! Simply go for a 30 minute walk everyday and eat healthy, books are available and they need not be expensive! We can however show a great way of losing 10pounds in 10 days and then 5pounds a week thereafte

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This neat little book gives great advice clearly and concisely and really helps. But remember , self discipline is key in the matter and that I am afraid is solely down to you!

Habits, good or bad, are formed by repetition. Do anything 7 times and it becomes habit. Eating habits are no different. If you are in the habit of nibbling when you watch TV, you were reinforcing that habit until finally it became a part of you. Other habits are formed in the same way. Some of these habits are: eating while reading, eating the minute you come in the house, or eating while cooking dinner.

We also find that certain moods and circumstances cause us to eat even if we are not hungry. For example: anger, boredom, fatigue, happiness, loneliness, the kids are finally in bed, our spouse is out for the evening or out of town, nervousness, anxiety, our spouse brings home candy or ice cream, etc… all may trigger an eating response. The list is endless. Habits are hard to break. We must not only break old habits, but we must make our goal to form new ones in the same manner through repetition. Make some daily commitments. Work to meet these commitments each day whether you feel like it or not. Your daily commitments will help you form good habits. Remember: “It is easier to act your way into a new way of feeling than it is to feel your way into a new way of acting.

Resisting temptation is difficult. However, if you succeed in resisting the first time, it becomes easier to resist the next time. Before long, you will have formed the good habit of resisting temptation every time it confronts you. If you yield to that temptation, you will find it easier to yield the next time.

Because of the human weaknesses mentioned, we must use what has become known among weight control groups as behavior modification. It simply means changing your behavior. These techniques work only if you consistently repeat them, so that they become a part of you.

About the Author: Obviously weight loss takes time. We can however show a great way of losing 10pounds in 10 days and then 5pounds a week thereafter. Visit


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