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Dr. Rohit Krishna

Cosmetic or plastic surgery is not a new term to be discussed as what it is but the way it is performed and how to take maximum benefits from this medical advancement are certainly the topics to be discussed. I know many people in my community who are well aware of this technique but are afraid of getting it done because of many misconceptions. Here, I will share my experience and learning with plastic surgery Delhi.


Cosmetic surgery in India used to be a new method for making changes to the feel and look of a person just before couple of decades before. During past decade, India registered its well recognized presence in global medical market by making significant achievements. Some great success stories of plastic surgery Delhi brought special fame to country besides a great relief for the people desiring to change the look of a particular part of their body. Today, it is being done not only to make the person beautiful but also to make him free from the ugly feeling he has because of permanent de-shapes due to accidental injuries. Even this facility is contributing in the growth of health tourism industry because of comparatively low price. Numbers of foreign nationals come to India to take the benefit of proven knowledge and expertise of cosmetic surgeon Delhi.

I also notice that some people have sound knowledge about plastic surgery but they do not get satisfactory results despite paying handsome amount. Reason is not the failure of surgeon; instead, it is because of the wrong selection of venue for plastic surgery Delhi. Now, an important question arises here. It is that why I am emphasizing more upon plastic surgery in Delhi. It is because we have more options in New Delhi. Locations too can be chosen as per personal convenience. New Delhi Plastic surgeons perform more operations than the surgeons in other cities of India; so, they have better exposure to the latest techniques. Because of better international and in-country connectivity, foreign tourists prefer Delhi for this cosmetic surgery.

After deciding for the destination, next task becomes the selection of right cosmetic surgeon Delhi. Most of such experts have in-house facility and support to handle complicated cases; the hub of experts improves the procedure and so the results. Searches made to locate cosmetic surgeon Delhi end with numbers of results. To select the best, do not make the price and location primary criteria; compare experience, expertise, case histories, awards, special achievements and testimonials also. If you can, verify the provided information to ensure the high-end satisfaction at last.

Dr. Rohit Krishna is a practicing cosmetic and plastic surgeon, specializing in liposuction surgery, vaser lipo, vaser liposuction, cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery in delhi

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