Wednesday, July 13, 2005

A nurse from Sunderland in the United Kingdom superglued her (now former) boyfriend’s eyes shut when he would not stop paying attention to swimsuit clad women while the two were on holiday in Malta.

After an argument, the boyfriend, Disc Jockey Lee Scullion (31), went for an afternoon nap in their hotel room. When he woke up, he discovered that he could not open his eyes and that his watch was glued to his wrist. Glue was also smothered over his lips and nose as well as on his eyelids. In addition, his girlfriend Laura Dunn (26) is reported to have smashed Lee’s £650 ($1,128.47 US) digital camera, while he is said to have burned her passport.

Laura Dunn, who is currently working in a care home, said “he wouldn’t give me the attention I deserved” and that she “decided to teach him a lesson to remind him not to look at other women.” She also said she hoped her career would not be affected by the fight.

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The History of the Bathing Suit


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The swimsuit is possibly the most enigmatic piece of clothing simply because it conceals and reveals at the same time. Nowadays, you have micro bikinis and micro briefs that challenge the concept of clothing itself. Has it always been like this? Let s take a brief look at the history of the bathing suit.

It s believed that the first bathing suits originated from ancient Greece where beautiful and rich women would indulge in the practice of public bathing. A few centuries later when the Roman Empire flourished, public bathing became a very popular pastime as highlighted by the construction of many Roman baths. In a classical Sicilian villa, images on a mosaic wall clearly showed Roman women dressed in two-piece garments which were compatible with the bikini worn by modern-day women. However, the bikini-style attire was not only used for bathing but it s also worn by the women when they performed a variety of exercises. As the Roman Empire declined, the popularity of public bathing also declined. For a few hundred years, the western world shied away from public bathing, and there was not much of a demand for swimsuits.

It was not until the early 18th century that people began to embrace the practice of public bathing again. Flocking to natural springs, men and women sported toga-style bathing suits, which were obviously borrowed from ancient Roman times. These classical bathing suits were phased out in no time as the women in Europe preferred a more modest style. Going to the beach, they would appear in heavy dresses of wool, and they would also wear hats, stockings, and shoes.

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As the practice of public bathing spread to the United States, the evolution of the modern swimsuit would begin. In the early 1900s, a modest, tighter fitting swimsuit would be introduced to replace the woolen swimsuit. Instead of the woolen dress, women would wear leotard-type tops and shorts. Hats were still used but the stockings and shoes would be replaced by bathing socks. This bathing suit exposed the arms and knees, signaling a return to the more the bikini-style bathing suit of the Roman era. In the 1920s, the swimsuit changed radically as the social revolution for women picked up steam. Designers created more revealing and sexier swimsuits to exhibit the liberation of women in the United States. Necklines were plunging, skirts were shortening, and waists were tightening. In the 1930s, swimsuits featured even lower necklines, and the bare-back design was introduced, along with tight-fitting belted shorts.

The Great Depression and WWII put a halt to the evolution of the swimsuit. After the war, Americans rushed to the beaches in droves, ushering in the era of the bikini. In the 1950s, fashion designers continued to push the boundaries by recreating the one-piece bathing suit, culminating in see-through netting designs in the 1960s.

Through the years leading to present times, fashion designers experimented with fabrics, cuts, and styles to create the most captivating swimsuit. Today, the line between concealment and exposure is so thin it may just be a C-String away from becoming invisible.


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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

This week in Taiwan Intel and other technology companies showcased server and computer hardware with processors built using “Penryn” technology, the second generation of quad core technology that is produced with the high-k metal Hafnium that has come to replace halogen and lead components, which are not environmentally safe.

This new 45 nanometer (45nm) process technology included features on Intel Streaming SIMD Extensions 4 (SSE4) compatible with video decoding (encoding) software, “Radix 16” which increased computing efficiency, and “deep power down” technology for energy efficiency. For the SSE4 feature, this will benefit makers of high-definition and AV-media, as both HDMI and 1080p are supported.

Companies that will participate in the Taiwan Informonth exhibition next month, announced that some products with “Penryn” processors will be on the market by then. Some companies like Tyan and Supermicro will provide small business solutions as well as enterprises solutions. This launch will be tied to other unveilings by the IT and AV-media industries in Taiwan.

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Friday, April 22, 2005

Ireland’s National Pensions Reserve Fund (NPRF) has posted a 2.4% return for the first quarter (9.6% annualized). On March 31, the funds value stood at €12.3bn, a rise of €290m (excluding state contributions) since December 31.

Donal Geaney, the fund’s chairman, told the press that growth in the past quarter had been driven by the Fund’s European equity investments.

Mr Geaney, former Élan CEO, has pursued a policy of diversification since February of this year, with the stated aim of placing a larger amount of the funds assets in companies with small market capitalizations and in property funds.

The fund was set up by the National Pensions Reserve Fund Act, 2000 to partially meet the expected rise in Irish pension costs from 2025 onwards.

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By Craig Clowes

Ontario is one of the most metropolitan provinces of Canada. Most of the main operational activities of Canada are functioning in the main cities of Ontario. The capital of the county, Toronto, is also part of Ontario. Generally automobiles are used by people from all walks of life for multiple purposes. For car financing many people opt for auto loan Ontario schemes. In the field of car financing, auto loans are so common that there are many ways which have been introduced over the past, which help many people achieve a suitable amount of finance to purchase their desired cars. There are online auto loan companies and also regular physical walk in auto loan companies which offer different auto loan schemes. Online auto loan schemes have many advantages in comparison to non – online auto loan schemes.

Non-online auto loan schemes require physical consultation with the auto loan agency. The actual eye to eye consultation helps a person to easily discuss each loan scheme in a detailed manner. All legal agreements along with official contract can also be discussed with an authorized official from any respectable financial institution. This all consumes so much time, that it might not match the urgent requirement of the auto loan scheme. Plus, the authorized official can make the person feel uneasy regarding their current financial situation.

Since financial institutions which don’t offer online application systems, require personal contact details such as home address, telephone numbers or even e-mail address, this can sometimes cause problems for a person. The financial institution might create uneasy circumstances for the person by continuously calling or contacting the person regarding their other loan schemes available.

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Also, non-online auto loan schemes involve too many bureaucratic procedures. Most of the financial institutions require official documents which normally take days for a person to assemble. Many people prefer applying to different auto loan agencies at once and each auto loan providing financial institution requires different documents. This further consumes more time to assemble different types of legal documents required for different types of financial institutions. Sometimes they require the same kind of documents which can be a huge problem. Online auto loans are quick to process. It involves an easy to use online auto loan application which can be completed within minutes and pre approval can also be obtained within few minutes.

One of the biggest disadvantages of non – online auto loan schemes is that there is a chance of the loan scheme being altered in case an unpredicted problem arises. Financial institution keeps a close eye on their clients regarding their payment structure, and they have the ability to change the contracts incase they are not satisfied. Online auto loans are normally fixed and easy to proceed with. Since online auto loans are mainly designed for people with bad credit history, thus online auto loan agencies don’t necessarily keep strict payment policies.

Online auto loans are very popular amongst many people living in the Canadian province of Ontario. The fast and quick access is the most attractive feature of online auto loan Ontario schemes.

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Thursday, November 25, 2021

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ) raised interest rates by 25 basis points to 0.75% during its last policy meeting of the year yesterday, after the rate of consumer price inflation was recorded at 4.9% in the third quarter, the highest since December 2007.

The hike to the national official cash rate (OCR) was widely expected by economists and the markets alike: 21 of the 23 economists surveyed in a November 15-19 Reuters poll predicted an increase of 25 basis points, while the other two projected an increase by 50 basis points, to 1%.

New Zealand’s handling of COVID-19 included injecting “huge amounts of fiscal and monetary stimulus” into the economy, according to The Guardian, in line with other major economies, which has pushed the unemployment rate to the lowest and inflation to its highest in over a decade. Stimulus spending and low interest rates, along with a shortage in housing led home prices to double in the last seven years, the least affordable of the OECD nations, according to Reuters.

A statement from the Reserve Bank said the “near-term rise in inflation [accentuated] by higher oil prices, rising transport costs and the impact of supply shortfalls” are risking “generating more generalised price rises”, as reported by ABC News. The RBNZ forecasts rates would rise to 2.5% by 2023, and still higher by 2024, according to Reuters; however, medians from a Friday article predicted the OCR would reach only 2% by year-end 2023, below what it was in 2014.

More recent projections include to 2% by mid-2022 according to economist at Capital Economics Ben Udy, to a high of 3% by Q3 2023 according to acting chief economist at Westpac Michael Gordon, including a 0.5% rate hike during the RBNZ’s next meeting in February, as reported by The Guardian.

Yesterday’s announcement came after a widely-expected rate hike from 0.25% to 0.5% on October 6, the first in seven years, as part of the RBNZ’s tightening cycle initially slated to begin August but pushed back due to the Delta variant of COVID-19 and lockdown in the capital city Auckland. Senior market strategist at the Bank of New Zealand Jason Wong told Reuters then: “We’re on a path towards a series of rate hikes and the market is well priced for that.”

RBNZ Governor Adrian Orr told reporters yesterday “we see steady steps of 25 basis points back to levels where the OCR is marginally above the neutral rate as the most balanced approach we can take”, though Reuters reports the bank had considered a range of options, including a 50 basis point hike.

Orr added on housing, “Homeowners who have just entered the market with extremely high leverage levels have to be incredibly wary and have to understand they have to weather the higher interest rates”, after earlier taxes levied on property investors failed to cool rising house prices, which Reuters reports the RBNZ believes are above their sustainable level, and at increased chance for a correction. He also defended the stimulus but noted the growth in household debt ensuing.

While countries globally are winding down pandemic-related stimulus measures, according to Reuters, there has been pushback from some countries when it comes to raising interest rates: in the United States, the inflation rate recently rose to 6.2%, the highest in 31 years, which has led some economists to put pressure on Federal Reserve chair Jerome Powell to accelerate the process of tapering its monthly bond purchases, according to the Associated Press. The Bank of England and European Central Bank (ECB) also both withstood criticism for a forecasted rise in inflationary pressures, according to The Guardian and Reuters.

ECB President Christine Lagarde told the European Parliament on November 15 “an undue tightening of financing conditions is not desirable, and would represent an unwarranted headwind for the recovery”, adding “[i]f we were to take any tightening measures now, it could cause far more harm than it would do any good”, as reported by Reuters.

Australia’s Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) maintained its position that interest rates are not likely to rise until 2024. RBA Governor Philip Lowe told an Australian Businesses Economists lunch last week “the latest data and forecasts do not warrant an increase in the cash rate in 2022”, and for one to be considered by the board “[t]he economy and inflation would have to turn out very differently from our central scenario”, according to ABC News.

However, several central banks have increased rates ahead of even New Zealand: Reuters names Norway, the Czech Republic and South Korea, which is expected to raise rates again in a meeting today.

Reuters reports the New Zealand dollar fell 0.6% due to some investors predicting a higher hike, and both 2- and 10-year government bonds slipped by 10 basis points each.

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Journalist, counselor, painter, and US 2012 Presidential candidate Joe Schriner of Cleveland, Ohio took some time to discuss his campaign with Wikinews in an interview.

Schriner previously ran for president in 2000, 2004, and 2008, but failed to gain much traction in the races. He announced his candidacy for the 2012 race immediately following the 2008 election. Schriner refers to himself as the “Average Joe” candidate, and advocates a pro-life and pro-environmentalist platform. He has been the subject of numerous newspaper articles, and has published public policy papers exploring solutions to American issues.

Wikinews reporter William Saturn? talks with Schriner and discusses his campaign.

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Marijuana or weed has been used by many people nowadays compared to older days. People have started to turn their attention to this Marijuana since they are getting aware of its benefits. It has been just to spotlight because of the medicinal, recreational and spiritual uses it provides.

States in the US have already started to legalize Marijuana for its recreational and medical purposes. Due to this, there are a lot of legal dispensaries that are coming forward to sell this product.

But in the technology world, since eCommerce has already conquered the digital market, many businesses are trying to get their spot and have a taste of success by growing their user base.

Moreover, it has become convenient for the customers to get marijuana from just the comfort of their homes in just a few taps. So, if you are one of the business owners who would like to take part in the success of the eCommerce business, then here is your chance.

Try developing anon-demand medical cannabis delivery appnow. Don’t worry even if you don’t know anything about it. Because this blog is to help you with some word about it.

Business models of the app:

The business model for Uber for weed delivery application can be threefold:

Single store model:

If you own a legal dispensary for marijuana already, then you can create an app for the users to order just from your app. With the app, you could reach new heights in sales and can also expand your customer base. For deliveries, either you or a third party delivery service can be used.

Delivery centric model:

If you don’t own a store, you can be the delivery service provider. You can collect the marijuana from the stores and you may deliver the product. This way, you can get the commission for every order that is fulfilled.

Aggregator model:

This is the model we are going to look at in a detailed version.In this model, you will get to cater to the users with services of ordering marijuana from its stores and delivering it to the customers.While you are looking to develop an aggregator model, there are different sections that have to be given attention to for a seamless experience. The three sections are:

  1. Users:

The essential unit of your app is your user base. They are the ones who will be ordering the Marijuana either for recreational purposes or for medicinal purposes.It is important to create an app for users separately so that they could order the product from the nearby stores with ease.

  1. The stores/dispensaries:

The dispensaries that sell the weed will appear on the app if they are partnered to be displayed in it. The group of stores is the ones who do not have a delivery service for themselves or who wish to gain visibility and customer reach. Once the dispensaries are partnered, they can post their inventories and users can choose from them.

  1. Drivers:

An exclusive delivery system is essential for your app. This means, there should be people working to deliver the product to the users at their doorstep in a faster way. The drivers can be people who work either part-time, full-time.

Must-have offerings:

To make your app unique and efficient at the same time, you need to have some essential things that you offer via your app.

  • The app should be easier for navigation and quick access to all the dispensaries and get a delivery from them.

  • The delivery system must be organized and the app should allow the dispensaries to promote their stores through advertisements in your app.

  • The updates of your app should be regular to advance success.

  • The app should not be too complicated and must be pleasing.


For the development process to be simpler, you can consult with various development companies that offer readymade scripts to launch your app with ease. Make sure you decide what are the features you would like to add to your app to make it stand out from the bunch of other similar apps. After deciding, the development team will integrate them into the script. Once everything is done, the app will be launched.


Consider and plan all the aspects like determining the market, acquiring a license with taking care of the legal perspective, and many more. Inform and plan yourself first about these aspects to keep growing as a successful business.

Monday, June 1, 2009

In a televised speech from the White House at 16:00 UTC today, President of the United States Barack Obama presented a reorganization plan following the 12:00 UTC announcement by General Motors that it had filed for bankruptcy and Chapter 11 protection from its creditors, the largest bankruptcy of a U.S. manufacturing company.

Describing the problem with the company as one that had been “decades in the making,” Obama explained the rationale behind his proposed reorganization plan for General Motors. He stated that his intent was not to “perpetuat[e] the bad business decisions of the past,” and that loaning General Motors money, when debt was its problem, would have been doing exactly that. His plan, he stated, was for the United States government, in conjunction with the governments of Canada and Ontario (which he thanked for their roles alongside the government of Germany which he thanked for its role in selling a corporate stake in GM Europe), to become shareholders in General Motors. The United States government would hold a 60% stake. The government will give GM a capital infusion of US$30 billion in addition to the funds it has already received.

Of the government ownership he stated that he refused “to let General Motors and Chrysler become wards of the state”, and described the bankruptcy of Chrysler, and the bankruptcy of General Motors that he envisioned as being “quick, surgical, bankruptcies”. He pointed to the bankruptcy of Chrysler as an example of what he envision for General Motors, but stated that General Motors was a “more complex company” than Chrysler.

Responding to challenges voiced by political opponents, before the speech, that the federal government would actively participate in the affairs of the restructured company, he stated that he had “no interest” in running GM, and that the federal government would “refrain from exercising its rights” as a corporate shareholder for the most part. In particular, he stated that the federal government would not exercise its rights as a shareholder to dictate “what new type of car to make.” He stated that he expected the restructured GM to make “high quality, safe, and fuel-efficient cars of tomorrow,” and several times described what he anticipated as “better” and “fuel-efficient” cars, after a streamlining of GM’s brands.

He said to the general public that “I will not pretend that the hard times are over.” He described the financial hardship that some — shareholders, communities based around GM plants, GM dealers, and others — would undergo as a “sacrifice for the next generation” on their parts, so that their children could live in “an America that still makes things,” concluding that one day the United States might return to a time when the maxim (a widely-repeated mis-quotation of what Charles Erwin Wilson once testified before the U.S. Senate when nominated for the position of Secretary of Defense) would once more be true that “what is good for General Motors is good for the United States of America.”

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Sunday, July 8, 2007

In an ongoing labor dispute from May of this year in California, United States, Teamsters Local 952, which represents the Orange County Transportation Authority‘s 1,200 coach operators, went on strike at 12:35 a.m. (0035 hrs) PDT Saturday morning after a cooling-off period declared by State Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger expired.

Sanctioned picket lines have been formed outside Authority facilities in Garden Grove, Anaheim, and Santa Ana. About 200,000 regular passengers are affected.

Major sticking points in the negotiation appear to be related to cost-of-living increases and pension funding allocations. The strike was declared after the Authority’s bargaining agent said he lacked authority to approve a union counter proposal, which he said had to be taken before the OCTA’s board of directors, who will not be available to meet until Monday the 9th at the earliest.

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