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Meritage (pronounced like “heritage”) is a term coined by Californian vineyards in the United States to distinguish high-quality blended wines. This is not simply a charming name but an embodiment of wine-cultural evolution crafted by expert vintners.

Renowned around the world for their craftsmanship and dedication to quality, these vintners are to Meritage wines what a granny flat builder Sydney is to the iconic Australian architecture. Just as the builder constructs a beautiful, functional addition to your property, Meritage vintners carefully blend varieties of grapes to create a complex, sumptuous final product.

Meritage History

The Meritage concept was born in the 1980s when several American wine producers found that their high-quality blended wines did not fit the standard labeling laws. To raise the blended wine’s stature and maintain its superb quality, they formed The Meritage Alliance in 1988 and trademarked the term ‘Meritage.’ Thus began the journey of one of the most exquisite wine classifications.

Meritage Composition

The beauty of Meritage wines lies in their unique blending process. Under the rules of The Meritage Alliance, a red Meritage blend must be crafted from at least two of the traditional Bordeaux varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot, Malbec, and occasionally St. Macaire, Gros Verdot, and Carmenère. White Meritage wines, although less common, must be constructed from at least two of Sauvignon Blanc, Sémillon, and Muscadelle du Bordelais. No single variety can make up more than 90% of the blend, ensuring a certain degree of complexity in the final product.

Understanding the Meritage Philosophy

In many ways, crafting a Meritage wine is as delicate an art as any other form of creation. It’s the combined effort of insightful selection, precise blending, and diligent aging towards a symphony of flavors that make every sip worth savoring. Similarly, in constructing a granny flat builder Sydney would approach the project with considerable insight. They would blend function and form, maintain quality materials, and pay keen attention to every detail, ensuring that the final product is not only beautifully designed but also comfortable and home-like.

Meritage Appreciation

Appreciating a Meritage blend requires patience and recognition of the complexities involved in its creation. Just like a well-constructed granny flat contains numerous finishing touches that make it a home, Meritage wines possess layers of aroma, flavor, and structure. The multifaceted charm of Meritage, as with its architectural counterpart, is best savored slowly, taking the time to understand and appreciate the craftsmanship behind the final masterpiece.


In a world where originality is increasingly valued, Meritage stands distinct, celebrating the age-old art of wine blending while epitomizing innovation’s power. Meritage wines symbolize the rich tapestry of the wine world, where tradition fuses with novelty. Just as a discerning property owner would appreciate the expertise of a granny flat builder Sydney, any true wine connoisseur would glean satisfaction from the layers of complexity and the crafting philosophy in each glass of Meritage.

byAlma Abell

Mission Viejo is located in the Saddleback Valley area of southern Orange County and it is amongst the largest master-planned communities in the United States; maybe there are some portions that might be a little under cared for; but, by and large, it could be considered something of a “posh” place and prime real estate. People living there probably feel obliged to maintain their homes to a reasonable standard.

No More Log Cabins


The log cabin home is now a part of American history; but, we do use a lot of wood in many of our houses. The timber frame construction method is very popular for a number of reasons and will probably remain so for as long as trees are still growing and being felled for their lumber. I would hazard a guess that the most widespread use for Lumber In Mission Viejo CA is construction.

This would be basically raw lumber; the tree is cut down and taken to a saw mill where the useable wood is sawn into planks or boards. There are a number of standard sizes that are cut; the standardization being on width and thickness dimensions (length being something of a variable – as was the height of the original tree). Constructional lumber is usually from coniferous trees such as pine, fir or spruce (which are classified as softwoods).

When sawn it is basically of a white color and the dimensions are stated in a method that is based on the figure four – a 2 by 4 having a nominal dimension of 2 inches thick and 4 inches wide (these are the nominal cut size before the wood has been dried and before the rough sawn surface has been planned smooth; the actual size sold as Lumber In Mission Viejo CA is 1½ inches x 3½ inches). For construction work; the lumber is often sold in pre-cut (stud) lengths of 8, 9, or 10 feet. Generally the longest length available from the mill is 24 feet. Since this lumber forms the frame of the house and will be covered up by cladding on walls and roofing overhead; not much notice is paid to the appearance of the wood – although things like knots and other natural characteristics that could weaken the strength of the wood have to be taken into account.


For the visible wooden parts of our homes; fully smoothed and stained lumber will be used; typically in hardwoods like Birch, Teak, Mahogany, Maple or Oak. The staining process will take care to highlight the natural grain in the wood to give it a good visual aspect so that your front door (for example) is making a statement about the quality of your home that is clearly visible to all who approach it.

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