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Ottawa, ON – People often see regular dental visits as a critical part of caring for their oral health. However, these checkups also permit dentists to notice other medical problems. “It’s very important for patients to inform their dentists of any medical history changes,” remarks Dr. Pamela Li, an Ottawa smile makeover practitioner. Dentists can often detect these medical conditions:

iron deficiency/anemia


thyroid problems



Three more medical problems are detailed below.

Oral Cancer: This cancer experiences a greater mortality rate than breast or prostate cancer. As many as one in three patients die from it. However, it can be well treated if it’s noticed early. Dentists and their staffs are the frontline for early detection. “We can see minute changes in a patient’s mouth that he or she may not detect. And we can refer patients to a specialist for testing,” ways Li, an Ottawa, ON teeth cleaning provider.

Oral cancer has several risk factors, including: a history of human papillomavirus infection (HPV), high alcohol consumption, smoking, and a diet without enough vegetables and fruit. Patients should tell their dentists if they have lumps, sores, or patches on their lips or gums that linger for more than two weeks. Additional symptoms of oral cancer include bleeding, pain, numbness, or swelling.

Diabetes: “Gum disease connects to diabetes two different ways,” observes Li, an Ottawa dental bridge dentist. “First, diabetes can be the cause of gum disease or other oral infections. But, experts have also noticed that current gum disease frequently raises blood sugar and worsens diabetes.”

Dentists often investigate the presence of diabetes when some oral health problems manifest themselves. These include dry mouth, fungal infections, taste impairment, poor healing, and frequent infections. “If you discover you have diabetes, be sure to inform your dentist and let him know how you care for the problem,” says Li, an Ottawa dental implants practitioner.

Eating Disorders: Anorexia nervosa and bulimia cause excessive weight loss, but can also lead to death. Since bulimics vomit frequently, the repeated contact with stomach acid harms the tooth enamel. This causes worn teeth and other oral health issues. If you’re not eating healthily, your body isn’t getting the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients required for good oral health. “Many patients don’t like to confess to having an eating disorder. However, your dentist can find ways to protect your teeth if he or she knows what’s happening,” says Li, an Ottawa dentures provider. “Your dentist can also assist you with locating treatment for the disease.”

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