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Plastic collapsible crate has entered into a steady mature epacme, it becomes one of the most sophisticated models of crate variety. Collapsible crate series is the revolution of plastic crate products. China collapsible crate will bring much more facilities for the users. Here I list some advantages of

Chinese collapsible crate


1.Collapsible crate is provided for delivering & transportation, easy for recovering. Fold up to reduce the cost of logistics. Our company research and developed many different sizes to meet different customer needs.

2.We have sizes from 400mm to 1200mm to satisfy most daily and industry requirements.

3.Plastic crate and collapsible crate are healthy, insect and moth proof, without repair and safety in use. Crate volume is only1/4 then before after folded. Cost of this transparent and storage can be greatly reduced. China collapsible crate is appropriate for all kinds if truck haulage, it can realize a container-oriented and units transportations.

4.Only cost-effective have competitive power, entity factory, professional quality and lowest ex-factory price is our companys core competence.

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Compared our companys collapsible crates with common brand, SHGs products have many distinct advantages:

We adopt high strength and flexible HDPE as raw material.

All of the materials we use are 100% newly.

It can be clean up by water easily.

Weight is lighter than other Chinese collapsible crate.

Products service life is far more than traditional crates

We have a FCL series, which comes with tray at the bottom, convenient for forklift truck loading.

Sino Holding Group exercise strict control over series crates, foldable crate, collapsible crates, and large folded crate products. We have a standard and complete detection to make sure quality of products.

Before volume-produce of collapsible crates, the moulds will have two hours of tests to guarantee stable operation and plastic material durability. Afterwards, we will test 10pc crates. If approved, we will put on production.

In order to make sure Chinese collapsible crate arrived in customer safe and sound and customer feel quite satisfied with our products, surveyor detect crates surface quality, package before delivery. Quality is a key of selling points by suppliers. However, do your products have qualified for good products? Here I share Sino crates quality inspection key points:

Collapsible crate dimension supervisory control

Collapsible crate composition test: crate bottom and cap should be identical and keep a straight line when 50pc crates composed together.

Collapsible crate compressive property examining: feed into 15kg goods to crate and composed 10pc crates. They can remain 24 hours without deformation.

Collapsible crate drop test: feed into 15kg goods, close lid, and drop the crate from 3 meters high. None of the goods will be damaged.

If you are looking for a Collapsible Crate Manufacturer who can make perfect profit for you, then SHG is your best choice, Sino Holding Group is your first option.

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