Giving birth is one of the greatest gifts that has been given to mankind. Most of the parents-to-be are getting their selves prepared for the coming of their new born child by hosting birth announcements.

Though it can be stressful at times, planning a baby birth announcement is altogether fun and exciting. Financially, the host of the event (usually the parents) must know how much budget they will have to allot for the said event. In this way, they will be able to get an estimated amount of money to spend for their party. Parents could ask help from party planners for them to be guided with the financial budget, for the photo birth announcement cards and invitations, and for the kind of party theme that will better suit their taste.

Also, in planning a baby birth announcement, the host must know the number of guests to be invited. Birth announcements are not like any other party events that you can invite everyone in the neighborhood. It is considered as one of those special parties wherein closest friends and relatives are usually the ones being invited to share the happiness with the new parents.

An invitation card is one of the most important parts of planning a birth announcement. Parents must think about the theme and proper wordings that they will have to incorporate into their birth announcement cards. In writing for the invitation details, the host or hosts (parents) must keep in mind that it is a must to include some basic details about their child. Remember that this is an event for your new born baby, not for you as parents. DO NOT include the experience that you had during giving birth; this is not necessary for your invited guests to know. Just keep it simple and brief.

An example for a proper wording would be this:


It’s a Boy!

Introducing our new born child

Amos Raphael

He was born last Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Weighed 7.5 lbs, 6 oz

Length: 18 inches

Waiting with welcoming arms

Marvin and Arleen Smith

It will also be great if parents would spare a little budget with photo shoots for their little angel. The picture can be used for making photo birth announcement cards. This is one unique way of making a more personalized invitation card for the most anticipated event of your lives. In making personalized photo birth announcement cards, you may want to visit several companies’ sites that offer the said services, like SimplyToImpress. These companies will help you in making your own photo birth announcement cards without much cost.

When it comes to selecting food, it will be practical to buy or choose finger foods because they are easy to prepare and come in many options. Since birth announcements must be simple yet elegant, it is not advisable for this kind of party to serve heavy foods, like main courses in a buffet style theme. Another good thing about this kind of set-up is that it costs less, and you will be able to buy something for your guests like souvenirs for them to remember the event. Photos birth announcement cards will be great or handmade crafts will also do a great job.

Considering your finances in order to host an event that spotlights the birth of your precious baby will prove to be a worthwhile endeavor. Fun-filled memories with your baby are a one-of-a-kind experience that will have a big impact in your lives as parents. From thinking for the party’s theme to the preparation of making a photo birth announcement card up to the actual event will sum up into a whole new adventure of fun and loving moments.

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