There are many branches of dentistry. After graduating, a dentist can decide whether he or she wishes to focus primarily on medical issues in the mouth, or focus on improving the cosmetic appearance of the teeth. Over the past couple of decades, the field of cosmetic dentistry has grown by leaps and bounds. A cosmetic dentist in Salinas basically offers a variety of different services that are focused on improving the appearance of your teeth.

Orthodontic Braces


If you have crooked or misshapen teeth, your dentist will recommend putting on braces. There are two kinds of braces available today: metallic braces and invisible braces. Invisible braces work much quicker, and are also easier to manage. They are made out of a special kind of plastic.

Metallic braces are slightly cheaper, though they are more difficult to care for. For instance, you can’t take them off while eating, whereas invisible braces can easily be removed. The cosmetic dentist will begin by carrying out scans in order to see the size of the jawbone and the positioning of the teeth. In some cases, a surgery might be required and some teeth might be extracted in order to make way for proper positioning.

Teeth Whitening

Yellow teeth can ruin a person’s confidence drastically. It’s vitally important for you to brush at least twice a day in order to maintain a healthy set of gums. Smiling is a real problem for those who have yellowed teeth. When you go to a cosmetic dentist for teeth whitening, he or she will first begin by scaling and removing all deposits of tartar around the teeth. Once the tartar has been removed from the teeth, the dentist will next focus on bleaching and using whitening solutions to remove plaque and the yellowish layer from the teeth.

Nothing is more beautiful than a perfect smile. TLC Dentistry offer cosmetic treatments in Salinas, CA.

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