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Simply put, engineering product design is a blend of two conventional individual verticals, each having their own core competencies. That is engineering with its scientific material and manufacturing know-how and the industrial design with its human centered approach to design. They have been put together in order to come up with new product design engineers who can design as well as develop competitive engineering products from the concept stage, to engineering validation as well as manufacture.

Engineering product design

helps the engineering services enterprises to attain competitive edge over other market players. This is done by creating novel products and attractive and long-lasting designs that cater to both the aesthetic and utilitarian requirements of the consumers. It is also very critical in a way that the groundbreaking design concepts can also provide a firm its long term image. There are several firms that have been able to introduce new products through this process that in turn has been recognized by a whole generation and have also had a vital cultural impact on them.

However, today global

engineering service

providers have come up with advanced engineering design and development services. The product design services assist the consumers in their in-services as well as new products that are on the manufacturing phase. This apart, they also help in design, re-design weight and cost reduction, resolution of in-service issues, life enhancement and obsolescence management. In addition to that, the

engineering product development

services offer the consumers with the following product development services:

CNC/CMM Programming

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Process Planning

Manufacturing process planning and optimization

Tooling design

Vendor Management



Jigs & Fixture design

Prototype tooling

Production Tooling

Test equipments

Test Plan

Test method development

Prototype Testing

Model test design

Production Testing

PED, ATEX-CE Certification support

Today in this competitive market scenario, the relevance of industrial design and development has increased manifold. With more global firms aiming to target new consumers it has become imperative to concentrate on product improvements for succeeding in the engineering market. This apart, with MNC s and their advanced marketing campaigns, today end users have many options for investing. Therefore, an engineering product design and development service provider needs to offer the upgraded products for ensuring customer loyalty as well as aiming to increase their consumer base. This is the reason why innovative industrial design and development solutions have become indispensable for a firm to succeed.

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