Wooden ship models are scale representations of ships, constructed by carving wood into miniature form. These models have a history of thousand years, and have stayed till date in trend amongst hobbyist.

Types of Wooden Ship Models built around the world:

There are five basic types of assemblies followed while constructing a wooden ship model :

  1. Solid wood hull:

As the name suggests, this type of wood miniature is carved out of a single block of wood. It is the most intricately built and most sophisticated wooden ship design.

  1. Gluing together:

In this type of design, two thinner blocks of wood are joined together with the help of glue. The block is formed with the seam vertical. In this model, the seam runs down that surface of the block from the deck.

  1. Bread and Butter Cutting Model:

It means that, four or five thinner slabs of wood, i.e. Bread are joined together with glue i.e. Butter. These are latter laminated together to form a block. These slabs are oriented in a manner that they sit perfectly on top of each other.

  1. Plank on bulkhead

In this technique, a series of well shaped bulkheads are placed along the keel of the ship. This results in the formation of the deck which is covered with planks to form the hull.

  1. Plank on frame

In this practice, the Model Wooden Ship Kits are built just as the full size ship is built. The keel is laid to keep it straight. The stern-post and stem are upright, deadwood and strengthening pieces introduced. Afterwards, the frames are built along the keel to form the internal framework of the ship. In the later stage, the planks are applied to form the external covering.

The above type of designs will give you a good choice while making Model Wooden Ship Kitspurchase. Since, wooden model ship kits are generally expensive, it is important to carefully consider the type of material used in construction of ship models, before committing one design. Here are some other types of materials used for making ship model apart then wood:

  1. Plastic: Plastic models include both both injected styrene and cast resin. Fiberglass is also used for hull shells.
  2. Metal: Mostly alloy form or cast lead is popularly used to make ship kit. Several modelers also prefer steel, sheet tin and aluminum, brass for hull construction.
  3. Paper: pre-printed paper construction kits are common in Europe. These are also available amongst multiple vendors in a variety of scales.

Model ship kits are available for different skill levels. Make sure to purchase a model as per your sill level, whether you need a beginner, intermediate, or pro.

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