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CurtisThere are a million and one reasons why Austin is a fantastic place to live and call home. Austin is famous for the outstanding music scene, it has become great place for film making, delicious B-B-Q, the Capital Building, The University of Texas -there is of course the FOOTBALL- and all the wonderful people who live, work and play here. Another aspect of Austin that is not quite so widely known is its propensity for green space-whether it is parks, trails, gardens or just plain patches of green, Austinites love the space. Almost every neighborhood has at least a small area set aside for residents to walk their dogs, for the kids to run around in or room enough just to enjoy a lazy afternoon under a shade tree. If there is a creek, there is usually a hike and bike trail around it. Many of the parks have a small playscape or at least a couple of swings. Quite a few have swimming pools that are a haven in the hot summers. It is not unusual to find residents who have packed a lunch and headed for one of the area parks to spend the day. Zilker Park is the most popular by far but there are other area parks not quite so grand but a leisurely place to spend some time and relax or get together with some friends for a game or two of your favorite sport or activity.

Another of Austin’s long time favorite parks is Deep Eddy. Or rather it is Eiler’s Park and Deep Eddy Pool. Deep Eddy is the oldest man-made swimming pool in Texas. Eiler’s Park is approximately 9 acres and is primarily used for picnics, offers a toddler playscape and a small fishing pier. If you are looking for a larger area for play with a little more room for motorsports try Emma Long Metropolitan Park, commonly called City Park. City Park is approximately 1150 acres situated on the shores of Lake Austin. The park has a designated swimming area with a sandy beach. You will also find hot showers, men and women’s restrooms and dressing areas. Picnic and camping sites are also available. The City has established rules and regulations to help preserve the sensitive park environment and ensure that everyone who visits the park has a safe and pleasant stay.


Pease Park is another popular park for birthday parties, BBQ’s or simply spending time on the playground or wading pool. Pease Park is known for hosting such long time favorites as the Jazz Festival and the very special Eyeore’s Birthday Party.

Ladybird Wildflower Center, while not technically a park is a beautiful garden that features native plants and is dedicated to the restoration, preservation and conservation of Central Texas’ endangered flora and fauna. The Center also provides educational and hands on programs for adults and children alike who share an interest in learning about their natural surroundings and learning to grow their own native plants for their own gardens.

These are only a few of the wonderful parks in the Austin area. Many more are tucked away in neighborhoods here and there. There a many just on the outskirts of town that offers a wide range of activities and sports complexes.

If you are looking for way to spend the day, take a look at one of the many parks located in the Austin area. There is a spot waiting just for you!

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