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Austin Texas Parks


CurtisThere are a million and one reasons why Austin is a fantastic place to live and call home. Austin is famous for the outstanding music scene, it has become great place for film making, delicious B-B-Q, the Capital Building, The University of Texas -there is of course the FOOTBALL- and all the wonderful people who live, work and play here. Another aspect of Austin that is not quite so widely known is its propensity for green space-whether it is parks, trails, gardens or just plain patches of green, Austinites love the space. Almost every neighborhood has at least a small area set aside for residents to walk their dogs, for the kids to run around in or room enough just to enjoy a lazy afternoon under a shade tree. If there is a creek, there is usually a hike and bike trail around it. Many of the parks have a small playscape or at least a couple of swings. Quite a few have swimming pools that are a haven in the hot summers. It is not unusual to find residents who have packed a lunch and headed for one of the area parks to spend the day. Zilker Park is the most popular by far but there are other area parks not quite so grand but a leisurely place to spend some time and relax or get together with some friends for a game or two of your favorite sport or activity.

Another of Austin’s long time favorite parks is Deep Eddy. Or rather it is Eiler’s Park and Deep Eddy Pool. Deep Eddy is the oldest man-made swimming pool in Texas. Eiler’s Park is approximately 9 acres and is primarily used for picnics, offers a toddler playscape and a small fishing pier. If you are looking for a larger area for play with a little more room for motorsports try Emma Long Metropolitan Park, commonly called City Park. City Park is approximately 1150 acres situated on the shores of Lake Austin. The park has a designated swimming area with a sandy beach. You will also find hot showers, men and women’s restrooms and dressing areas. Picnic and camping sites are also available. The City has established rules and regulations to help preserve the sensitive park environment and ensure that everyone who visits the park has a safe and pleasant stay.


Pease Park is another popular park for birthday parties, BBQ’s or simply spending time on the playground or wading pool. Pease Park is known for hosting such long time favorites as the Jazz Festival and the very special Eyeore’s Birthday Party.

Ladybird Wildflower Center, while not technically a park is a beautiful garden that features native plants and is dedicated to the restoration, preservation and conservation of Central Texas’ endangered flora and fauna. The Center also provides educational and hands on programs for adults and children alike who share an interest in learning about their natural surroundings and learning to grow their own native plants for their own gardens.

These are only a few of the wonderful parks in the Austin area. Many more are tucked away in neighborhoods here and there. There a many just on the outskirts of town that offers a wide range of activities and sports complexes.

If you are looking for way to spend the day, take a look at one of the many parks located in the Austin area. There is a spot waiting just for you!

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Which Type Of Modern-day Bbq To Pick?


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The Diversity Of Bbq Grills Currently Available


Charcoal GrillsHere is the most inexpensive and traditional way of barbecuing. As opposed to charcoal, even wood can be utilized. Providing you have a charcoal grill, it could even be fueled with some dry branches and twigs. However, if you’re not having a laid-back party, grilling with a charcoal grill can consume considerable time. Nonetheless, charcoal grills lend a magnificently juicy and smoked flavor to the meat. Flare-ups would be the only risk associated with charcoal grills and they may be slightly messier.Electric GrillsIf you think a charcoal or gas Bbq could be too dangerous to use, you’ll get an electric grill considerably better. Indeed, electric grills are less messy, quicker and safer. These grills go about doing quicken the process of grilling, so plenty of time can be saved. However, the death would be that the flavors that meat gains from grilling more than a charcoal or gas grill can’t be matched or replicated by electric grills.Gas GrillOperating propane gas grills is less complicated and that is just one single reason they’ve become popular. Instant high heat is produced by them, so cooking time is naturally reduced and food gets cooked evenly. Propane gas grills are specially built to are powered by natural gas or propane, but as this fuel should be constantly refilled, it could be harmful for start using these grills. Moreover, the extraordinary smoky flavor that charcoal grills often provide just isn’t given by them. However, they could be reliable for convenient grilling.Infrared GrillAn infrared BBQ grill heats up a ceramic tile in order to radiate heat which is quickly becoming popular. This way, food is cooked evenly. Because of this, the flavors in the meat is ultimately comparable to when it is grilled on the charcoal grill. Since direct heating is used in order to smoke the meat, as it happens to b e juicy and succulent. Nonetheless, fewer time should be spent to heat and cook food. However, these grills happen to be bulky and big so they really cannot be moved around easily.Toaster-Cum-Electric GrillsSuch a grill may be quite ideal when you need to arrange a small bite in the daytime. It will be particularly useful if you ever ought to grill burger patties or fish early every day, or whenever you have a hurry. Because it is a little bit of an electric grill, you’ll be able to avoid wasting a good amount of preheating time. Obviously, it needs to be obvious that it will not be suitable for major grilling.

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to throw a barbeque social gathering, then all you want to do is choose one of many above grills, relying on your budget and requirements.

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This accurate archetypal has 6 burners, 60,000 BTUs and over 800 inches of absolute affable area. This barbecue additionally has a stainless animate cart, animate anatomy and comes with stainless animate “flavorizer bars,” which are advised to add added acidity to food. Like best Weber Natural Gas Grills, this one comes with appropriate affection appearance like the discharge angle rotisserie adapter and stainless animate rod affable grates.There is additionally the 400 alternation of Weber Natural Gas Grills additionally in the Summit line. This alternation includes the S-450, S-470 and S-440. These grills are advised for hardly abate families as they accept 4 burners instead of 6. They additionally accept about 50,000 BTUs and about 500 inches of affable space.We searched a array of user comments on Consumer Report and to see if the Weber Summit Barbecue is absolutely account the money. We apprehend through Consumer Report’s official appraisement adviser as well.According to the reviews we saw, the Weber Summit Barbecue consistently receives aerial marks for affection and performance. Bodies adulation a array of aspects about these products. Of the reviews we saw, bodies repetitively mentioned that they admired the way their aliment tasted. In fact, some comments we saw declared that aliment tends to about-face out perfectly. Bodies who had struggled with added brands of grills in the accomplished said they were actual adequate to accept assuredly begin this accurate barbecue for their affable needs. Additionally reviewers and barter akin acquainted that the apparatus has a actual solid and athletic build. Everyone was admiring that the instructions for this high-end apparatus were so accessible to follow. Another absolute acknowledgment that we saw from a few barter was that they begin that the barbecue heats up actual bound to a nice aerial temperature.One added additional for the Weber Summit Barbecue is the absorbing assurance offered. The stainless animate shroud, aluminum castings, and ceramics enameled shrouds all accept a 25-year warranty. The absorbing breadth of this assurance speaks volumes about the aplomb Weber has in its products. Some of the abate genitalia including the flavorizer bars, the affable grates, and the burners accept warranties capricious from 2 years to 10 years.In general, barter and reviewers feel that Weber Natural Gas Barbecue articles are account the money and a abundant value. Bodies commented that the Weber Summit barbecue was a acute buy because the akin of adroitness and affection of the product.


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A barbecue wok is a traditional very unique and versatile cooking tool which is used for varied food cooking applications like stir-frying, steaming, braising, stewing and even deep frying. This interesting food cooking instrument is the most important piece of cookware to the Chinese and is extensively used throughout Asia and all over the world. A BBQ Wok is a typical bowl-shaped utensil that evenly spreads the heat all over and makes less consumption of oil offering tasty cooked bbq recipes which are good for health. A barbecue large wok guarantees that the food is tossed back inside and not on the stove during stir-frying.

Round bottom wok was few classic designs for bbq but now there are a wide variety of woks for sale made available for everyone to buy and enjoy the best home cooked barbecued recipes. These traditional Chinese cooking utensils for bbq are obtainable in many materials, shapes and sizes in the market. Stainless steel wok is a common wok material used in many houses and commercial facilities like restaurants and pantries. This is not expensive and light weight; it easily and quickly conducts heat. Carbon steel wok is also one wok material which is the best and the most rugged bbq wok. One of the most used one is the hand hammered wok which is the strongest woks as it is hand treated and manually processed. Many people use flat bottom wok since these are easier to use on flat stovetops.


A wok is one of the most popular bbq accessories which make barbecue cooking easy and fun. With a bbq wok its very convenient to cook up some light and tasty vegetables on your barbecue and eat healthy. Non stick wok is generally used to cook small and delicate foods on the grill. It is the best option of light cooking and one can cook bbq king prawns, grilled fish, delicious vegetables and more on your barbecue. There are some great features of the non-stick ones, firstly it is non-stick, easy to handle, stop food falling through grate, cooks seafood, fish & vegetables perfectly, places on top of your existing grate and dishwasher safe.

Another commonly used bbq woks are the cast metal wok with holes. It’s great for barbecuing vegetables, fish, and/or small pieces of meat. Professional wok is made especially for the master chefs who chance the perception of barbecue cooking. These types are well in reach with the home kitchens and are well known as commercial wok, which makes barbecue cooking time saving and easy. There has also been modernization in bbq woks like the electric wok makes barbecuing easier and faster. These electric ones are non-stick bbq equipments and are also very easy to maintain which comes with temperature control feature. This bbq wok type has a heat resistant base and handles. This particular type will not tend to burn the oil or make your kitchen all smoky.

BBQ Woke provides some of the most perfect and exotic cooking results. Wok cooking utensils and different types of bbq woks offer easy and nutritious cooking experience with great satisfaction and without the worry of spilling food particles over the stovetop.

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